Monday, May 14, 2012

What's in the cloth diaper stash?

A few weeks ago my friend Amy E. over at Ente Ente Gans asked me "What is in your cloth diaper stash?  What brands, what quantities, and what to you use everything for?" This was a pretty specific question, and I wanted to fulfill her request and share what diapers and accessories we use.

A picture of my "stash".  It's missing the cloth trainer pants, and several of our cloth diapers (which are in use or in the wash!).  It gives you a decent idea of quantities though.

Cloth Diapers:

  • FuzziBunz One Size: Quantity 15.  These were our first pocket diaper and we initially purchased them to use at daycare.  As a baby, our daughter used about 5-6 diapers per nine-hour daycare day, so we did laundry about every two days and line dried in between.  We still use mostly FuzziBunz at daycare.  The staff at both of the daycare locations we've attended had previous experience with this brand, and FuzziBunz were very easy for them to use.

  •  BumGenius 4.0: Quantity 7. My first BumGenius was purchased during an Earth Day sale in 2011.  I purchased it just for fun, and to try something new.  Since then I've added to the collection, because I've found that the diapers work really nicely for overnight and naps due to extra waterproofing across the front of the diaper.  I like to pair a Bum Genius cover with the large BumGenius insert and a large FuzziBunz insert for naps or overnight.
  • Blueberry One-Size. Quantity 2. These were purchased during a sale.  These are general use at our house.  We tend to use these more on the weekends, or send our daughter in one of these to daycare in the morning.

  • Rumparooz One-Size. Quantity 4.  Rumparooz were another big sale find.  The company was having 35% off total purchase, and I ended up getting 4 to try.  These have been my least favorite pocket diaper.  They don't fit our daughter well, and functionally they have some major leak issues.  We still use them, but it tends to be on the weekends or evenings.
  • Premium Chinese Prefolds:  Quantity of 24. When we first started purchasing cloth diapers, we were also purchasing other expensive baby-related items.  We wanted some inexpensive diapers to use, and prefolds fit the bill.  Even though the premium size was really big on a newborn, we still managed to make them work.  We still use the prefolds often.  My husband prefers using the prefolds with a Velcro cover because the snaps on our other diapers are more difficult for him.
  • Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers: Size small (quantity 5), and size medium (quantity 5).  We purchased these covers to go with the prefold diapers.  We still use the medium size for our daughter.
  • Grovia covers: Quantity 3 (these are one size). I found a great deal on these covers along with 50 biosoakers (see accessories).  We tend to use these more with the prefolds, and occasionally I will use the covers as an "All in Two" system with an extra insert.

  • Grovia My Choice Trainers, cloth Trainer Pants: Quantity 10.  I'm not sure if this is going to be way too many, but my husband wanted to get 10.  We just started using them and have 4 that are currently in use.  I'm saving the others in case we only end up needing 6 or so.  I may give some of them as gifts because they are unused and in the packaging.


  • Dryer balls: Quantity 5.  Some of our dryer balls are homemade and some were gifts we've received.  I like to use all five together, and it seems to work best having between 5-6 dryer balls in with a load of laundry.  I mainly use the dryer balls with prefolds.  They are the only diaper I can't line dry, because they become stiff.  I usually bounce the prefolds around to get them mostly dry, and then line dry them the rest of the way.  This seems to keep them soft, and also uses less energy.

  • Snappi Diaper Fastener: Quantity 3.  Snappi's are used to fasten prefold diapers.  We used to have five of these, but two have disappeared somewhere or broken.  These things seem to get misplaced very easily!  You are supposed to replace them after six months of use, but I haven't noticed any issues with them after that length of time.

  • Bummis fleece liners: Quantity 15. This was a purchase to go along with the prefold diapers.  I was preferring to use pocket diapers that wicked moisture away from skin, and prefold diapers didn't have that feature.  By using a fleece liner inside a prefold diaper, it creates the same effect as a pocket diaper.  I also use these liners if I want to apply a cloth diaper safe rash cream.  I'll put a liner in a pocket diaper to keep rash cream off of the diaper.

  • Grovia hybrid soakers: Quantity 50.  These biosoakers come in a pack of 50.  I thought they would be nice for trips where we couldn't take a lot of cloth diapers with, or where we wouldn't be able to do laundry for an extended period of time.  We have only used about 10 of them and they are compostable.

  • Extra FuzziBunz inserts:  I have 12 extra FuzziBunz inserts that I use as doublers, or pair up with other inserts.  I like having extra inserts. It allows me to have some dry inserts at all times, even when line drying.

OK, so we have all these diapers, but what do we use on a regular basis?  The answer to that question depends on who is doing the diaper change.

Me: My first choice is a pocket diaper (FuzziBunz, BumGenius, and then the others in order of my favorites), second is the Grovia cover as an all in two system, and last is a prefold diaper.

Husband: His first choice is a prefold diaper with a snappi, and Thirstie's cover, second choice is a pocket diaper, and third choice is a Grovia cover with an "All in Two" system.  He really doesn't like the hook and loop on the Grovia.

All of our diapers serve a purpose, and we do use all the diapers and diaper accessories! What's in your diaper stash?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am so surprised to hear that your husband prefers prefolds! I love it!

  2. Great post! I love seeing what other people are using/doing. In my house, I'm the prefold fan and my husband likes pockets or fitteds. Sooo...our little guy is in prefolds most of the time ;)

  3. Yeah, that is awesome that hubby reaches for prefold! I actually prefer those as well because we line dry, so AIO, although ooober cute don't always work for us.
    Great post!
    -Cinella @ The Mami Blog

  4. We also line dry, but I always have to partially dry the prefolds in the drier so they don't get too "crunchy". Maybe it's just the brand or fabric type I have (unbleached cotton).

  5. What a great stash! I love that Whimsical Whale! It's my favorite print in our stash!