Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are Cloth Diapers Bulky?

Cloth diapers are noticeably thicker than disposable diapers, so parents may wonder if baby's clothes will fit differently when using cloth diapers.  Parents tend to notice more of a difference in clothing fit when their babies are newborns.  There is one main reason for this: parents are often opting to select one-size diapers that grow with their child from birth through potty training.  Obviously this style of diaper will fit differently on a 7 lb newborn versus a 30 lb toddler.

Cloth diaper bulk doesn't have to plague you at all depending on the style of diaper you select: 

 Styles of diapers with more bulk:

  1. Prefolds (especially one-size prefold systems)

  2. Fitted diapers (especially one-size fitted diapers)

  3. All-in-Ones (if the AIO is one-sized, and does not contain removable absorbency)

If you are looking for trim fitting styles of diapers: 

  1. FuzziBunz One-Size Elite is currently the most trim fitting one-size pocket diaper available on the market

  2. All-in-Two diapers, especially if the inserts are available in a variety of sizes

  3. Sized diapers (especially newborn diapers)

Sometimes a little extra bulk in the tush is a good thing.  If you have a thin child, you will probably find that most clothing styles are designed for larger children.  Your child would probably have a difficult time keeping his pants from sagging if it weren't for a little extra cloth diaper bulk.

Some tips for dealing with extra cloth diaper bulk:

  • Rethink onesie sizing for young babies:  Cloth diaper bulk will increase the size your child will be needing in onesies.  Depending on the style of diaper, a cloth diaper can add some serious length to your child's torso measurement.  Therefore, plan that your child will need the next size up to account for extra torso length.

  • Stay away from baby "jeans":  The stiff and thick jean fabric will be a problem to put on your baby.  If you're using cloth diapers it will be especially difficult because jeans won't stretch to allow a bulkier diaper to fit comfortably.

  • Consider separates: Sometimes it works better to buy tops and pants separately in order to get a great fit.  You may find it easier to purchase tops in one size, and pants in the next size up.
Although cloth diapers are thicker than disposable diapers, most parents don't have much trouble with the added bulk.

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  1. This is great to know! I was wondering about this. For our newborn stash we have about 12 prefolds and will mostly use those at home. But we were able to purchase several newborn style AIOs/pockets to use so hopefully those will give us a trimmer fit for when we need to dress baby up to go out.