Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cloth Diaper Warranty Comparision

Warranties are never something I think much about; until something breaks.  It's at that point when a company can either exceed my expectations, or it can disappoint me.  If you plan to use your cloth diapers through multiple children, then selecting a reputable company with good customer service is the best way to protect your cloth diaper investment.

Many cloth diaper manufacturers stand behind their products for a period of one year.  There are many mishaps that can occur during the manufacturing of cloth diapers; sometimes only a single diaper is affected, and sometimes an entire lot of diapers may be faulty.

Typically covered by cloth diaper warranties:
-Sewing/workmanship (such as torn stitching)
-Snaps (broken/defective snaps)
-Waterproofing (PUL/TPU layers that become de-laminated or separated from backing fabric)

Typically not covered by cloth diaper warranties:
-"Stickiness" of waterproofing layer (sometimes caused by laundry additives)
-Normal wear and tear of elastic or Hook-and-loop
-Damage from laundry additives, or non-recommended detergents
-Poor fit
-Piling of fleece lining (normal wear)

While most diapers go through inspections, sometimes problems aren't evident until the diaper has been used for a few months.  Therefore, it is critical to select companies that have at least a three-month warranty on their products.  I recommend companies that provide a one-year warranty on products, as I've experienced several instances where defects appeared after nine months of use. I also recommend purchasing from companies that have good customer service: can you contact them and get a timely response?

I've listed warranty information* for a few major cloth diaper manufacturers below (please leave a comment with a link to add to this list):

Less than 3 month warranties:
Baby Kicks
Imse Vimse (only a warranty on defective products upon receipt)

3-6 month warranties
Best Bottom/Planet Wise
Bummies (50-100 washes)
Happy Heinys
Kanga Care/Rumparooz/Ecoposh

1 year warranties:
Cotton Babies (BumGenius, Flip, EconoBum)
FuzziBunz (sewing/craftsmanship)
Swaddlebees/Blueberries/Pink Daisy

Lifetime warranties (lifetime of product):
FuzziBunz (snaps and PUL)
Kanga Care/Rumparooz/Ecoposh (snaps)

*Note: warranty information for various manufacturers may change at any time and these warranties are effective as of Nov 2012.  Please verify warranty information for a company before purchasing their products to ensure that you have adequate warranty coverage to fit your needs.

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