Friday, January 25, 2013

Cloth Diapering Peer Pressure

I'm not a sales person, I'm a scientist.  So, how is it that I've managed to convince many friends (and hopefully some unknown strangers) to give cloth diapering a try?  The reality is that convincing someone to try cloth diapers isn't very difficult once they see the variety of modern, fun, and stylish diapers available on the market today.

Why would you want to convince someone to use cloth diapers?

There is something about finding a great deal that makes you want to share it with everyone you know.  Once I discovered how much money I was saving and what a difference I was making for the environment, I wanted all my friends to know about cloth diapers.  I wanted them to make the switch and start enjoying the benefits I was already appreciating.

How do you convince someone to try cloth diapers?

Most of the people I've converted to cloth diapering have made the switch completely on their own and without any persuasion.  They have simply heard me raving about how wonderful cloth diapers are, and that planted the seed to get them thinking about possibly making the switch.  Unfortunately, there are many people who have never even heard of cloth diapers and simple knowledge about an alternative to disposables is enough to pique their interest. A few friends were especially curious about cloth diapers, and called or emailed me with questions or concerns about cloth diapers.  Some friends even did a cloth diaper test drive (aff link) to see if they liked cloth diapering.

What about those die-hard disposable users?

I have a few friends who have used disposable diapers for years and aren't even remotely interested in making the switch to cloth diapers.  However, even some of these die-hard disposable users are beginning to question if cloth diapers might be for them.  One friend who used disposables on her first child, and swore she'd never use cloth diapers, recently mentioned she was considering cloth diapers for her second.  Another friend (who used disposables on two kids), mentioned an interest in trying cloth after she saw two of her relatives cloth diapering their children.  More and more people are beginning to use cloth diapers, and disposable diaper users are discovering cloth diapering isn't something for "crunchy" or "crazy" people- it's for normal people just like them.  While not everyone is going to be convinced about cloth diapering, I think many disposable users are beginning to have doubts about the benefits of those crinkly, plastic diapers.

How about you?  Did someone convince you to give cloth diapering a try?

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