Friday, January 18, 2013

Cloth Diapers at your Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great time to receive cloth diapers and to incorporate cloth diapers into the decorations.  In order to receive the cloth diapers you want (and not multiple packages of disposable diapers) you'll want to have your host or hostess take some additional measures to make sure the shower is as fluffy as you're envisioning.

Planning the party:

1. Notify guests that the parents-to-be are cloth diapering their baby

While cloth diapering is growing in popularity, many people are still going to think that having a baby equals a need for disposable diapers. Therefore tell your guests that the mom-to-be is planning to cloth diaper.  Make a note on the invitations: "Mary is using cloth diapers," to avoid receiving packages of disposables.  If the new mom still receives disposable diapers, she can always exchange them for store credit... but that's not as much fun.

2. Create a registry for cloth diapers

Guests love buying baby items for shower gifts.  The best guests pay attention to what the new mom wants and needs vs. impulse buying a bunch of cute (yet useless) baby clothes and accessories.  The new mom can help by creating a registry, and the host can notify guests of where mom has registered.

Registry creation tips:
24 one-size cloth diapers (aff link) (various brands if you prefer)
2 large wet bags
1 medium wet bag
1 small/travel size wet bag
12 cloth wipes
cloth wipe solution

3. Don't forget about the Dad-to-be

Dads usually aren't the focus of traditional baby showers, but that doesn't mean Dad can't have his own party where cloth diapers are featured.  Invite the boys over for a night of pizza, beer, and sports with one condition: guests must bring a cloth diaper as a gift.  Since boys are often last-minute shoppers, the host or hostess can notify guys that they can contribute cash if they prefer (recommend $10-$20).

Decorating for your party:
Cloth diapers make adorable shower decorations.  Cloth diapers incorporated into decorations can be a gift from the hostess/host to the parents-to-be, or they can be for display purposes only (borrowed cloth diapers for the event only).

1. Clothes line display

String up some yarn and grab a few clothes pins.  Adorable baby socks, cloth diapers, and bibs can be used to create a simple and colorful display.

2. Cloth diaper cake

A twist on a traditional cake, use prefold cloth diapers to create a unique centerpiece for your event.  I especially love this cloth diaper cake using pinwheels to add color and interest to a simply designed cake constructed from prefolds.

3. Cloth diaper wreath

This could be created from prefolds or modern cloth diapers.  Get creative: wrap cloth diapers around a circular piece of cardboard and secure them with rubber bands.  Use a ribbon to hide the rubber bands, and decorate your wreath with baby toys, socks, or felt flowers.

4. Cloth diaper inspired name tags

Your guests may not know each other, but you can help them get introduced by making cloth diaper-inspired name tags.  Use card stock and cut cloth-diaper-shaped tags.  Use a marker to add in a few recognizable diaper features (help your diaper be recognized as a diaper), and glue a safety pin to the back.  Guests can write their name on the tag when they arrive.

5. Cloth diaper-inspired thank you cards
Many hosts and hostesses provide thank you cards so the parents-to-be can write quick notes of thanks to guests in attendance.  Place envelops by the door so when guests arrive they can self-address a return envelope.

6. Incorporate games involving cloth diapers
Who is the fastest at changing a cloth diaper (modern or traditional)?  What about a relay involving finding a hidden object at the bottom of a laundry basket full of cloth diapers?  Try a get-to-know-you game: pass a cloth diaper in a circle and each guest must share how they first met the new Mom and also share a fun fact about herself. Get creative, because the usual baby shower games have gotten dull anyways.

When incorporating cloth diapers into your baby shower decorations and fun, the possibilities are basically endless.

Have you given or gotten cloth diapers at a baby shower?


  1. I would love to honor a mom-to-be by simply throwing her a baby shower. I am about to have my second child and I love looking at ideas for baby showers with my mom (who's throwing mine). I think it is the best way to honor a mom-to-be and there are so many great ideas and possibilities :) I would REALLY love to do a cloth diaper themed party. I wish my mom had thought about that for mine!

    1. Congrats on expecting your second child! Good luck in the giveaway :)

  2. Giving her cloth diapers and offer to help watch her baby so she can take a shower or nap!

  3. I would buy her one of my favorite cloth diapers if she didn't know what ones to buy.

  4. I would honor a mom-to-be by treating her to a pedicure -- i had this when I was pregnant, and it was awesome!!

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  6. Gift my favorite night time cloth diaper, so they wont worry about leaks!

  7. I would love to honor a fellow mom to be by sending her for a day of prenatal pampering. We have a becoming mom spa here and I can honestly say that was the best gift anyone ever gave me when I was pregnant last time around.

  8. I would (and have) get her a gift basket of all my favorite, must have products for baby!

  9. I would make them "coupons" for meals, phone calls and other things they would need for their first weeks as a new mom.

  10. The best gift of all - TIME! And, of course, these lovely diapers! ;)

  11. I try to honor them by choosing gifts that will help and support them (ie. if they choose cloth diapers, then I would get them some diapers, etc)

  12. I like to make a meal and bring my own dishes so there is no mess left :)

  13. I would come over and clean her house.

  14. I would honor a mom to be by getting her some newborn diapers :)

  15. One of my favorite things to get for a new mama is cloth diapers. I love seeing a friends use them!

  16. I would help the momma out with anything she was needing to prepare for her LO, whether it meant cleaning, organizing, or just simply visiting to destress! :)

  17. I would help out a new mom by sending her off for a massage before baby. Afterwards I would visit and watch the baby so she could nap. Two things that were wonderful to me with my first! If it's a second, I would offer to watch the first so she can get organized for #2.

  18. I would help a momma out by cleaning house! I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second and oh how I would love help with the housework.

  19. My baby is due in a few months and I could use some newborn cloth diapers!

  20. I would give my 2 fav diapers and then all my fav add ons.

  21. I am a mom to be! :-) But in the past I have made cloth diaper items for the mom like wipes, wipe solution, inserts, etc. I'm not so great at making covers yet, but working on it!

  22. Nursing snacks are a great gift for a new mom! Homemade muffins, granola bars, fruit leather, and other grab n go foods that she can eat with one hand. I would make something like that instead of bringing a meal.

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  24. I love these ideas! My shower will be in October for baby#1 due in December. There will be a note on the invitation mentioning that we will be using cloth diapers and wipes. I'm happy to see that mainstream baby stores like BRU and BuyBuyBaby sell cloth diapers, so I was able to add them to our registry. We also have an registry which is a great place to add cloth wipes, wet bags and other CD accessories.