Monday, January 21, 2013

Ideas for storing clean cloth diapers

How you store clean cloth diapers doesn't have to be fancy, but keeping your clean diapers organized can help you stay on top of dirty diaper laundry. Here are a few examples of storage ideas for cloth diapers, and I'd love to hear your suggestions and comments about how you store your diapers.

1. In a dresser.  We have a dresser that we've converted into a changing table, and I store diapers in the top drawer.  I never have to take my eye off the baby to hunt for diapers.  Using a dresser drawer also keeps the room looking clean and organized (even if the contents of the drawer are not).  Plastic drawer storage is also an inexpensive way to organize diapers and keep them out of sight.

2. Storage bins.  If you have a changing table with shelves, or some floor space near your changing area, you can organize diapers into storage bins.  Pop-up, wicker, or plastic storage bins can all be great for storing clean diapers.

3. Hanging.  A hanging diaper stacker near the diapering station can be an easy way to organize diapers and keep them accessible during a diaper change.  You can make a homemade diaper bag (see here for ideas to DIY).  You may also consider re-purposing hanging sweater or shoe bags to organize diapers.

4.  The laundry basket.  After our cloth diapers are dry, I usually stuff and fold them, and place them into a laundry basket for transport to the little one's room.  Sometimes the diapers never make it out of the laundry basket.  I often keep diapers that are going to daycare in a laundry basket near our backdoor, where I can quickly grab and pack diapers each evening for the following day.

5. The pile method.  Usually I'm not this disorganized, but some days diapers end up in a pile outside the little one's room after she goes to bed.  Warning that diapers in a huge pile seem to have more play value, and diapers may end up being carried around the house!

How do you store your diapers? Have you heard of any storage ideas not listed here?


  1. We do storage bins... all shapes and sizes! I would have loved buying matching bins, but we just used what I had. But I love how great it works for us!

    Cinella @ The Mami Blog

    1. Storage doesn't need to be anything fancy. I really like storage bins because they are easy to access- but you have to watch out that your toddler doesn't empty them all :)

  2. mine are in a medium sized wicker basket that I received some baby shower gifts in. Just have it on the floor next to the changing table. Makes it look like a colorful easter basket!

    1. The colors are 90% of the reason I love cloth diapering so much :)