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Picking Favorites- best diapers for different ages

Selecting my favorite cloth diaper may seem easy (Which do I like the best?), however after cloth diapering for over two years I've discovered that "favorite" is a rather subjective term.  I found that I preferred various types of cloth diapers or various styles of diapers depending on our child's age and the situation where we were using the diaper (day vs. night use).  The fact that diapering preferences may change during your child's diapering years is a simple explanation to why cloth diaper stashes may be constantly evolving.  This doesn't mean that you need to purchase an entirely different diaper stash depending on your baby's age, however it means your favorite diapers you used on your infant may not be your favorite diapers to use on an older toddler.  You may also be adding cloth diaper doublers (aff link) to increase absorbency as your child grows.

Features I appreciated in cloth diapers for various ages:

Newborn to 18 months
Less diaper bulk, stay-dry feature, simple to use (modern diapers)

  • My favorite diaper: FuzziBunz one-size.  I really appreciated FuzziBunz on our child as a newborn because they were so trim fitting.  We wanted a one-size diaper and most diapers in this category adjusted with rise snaps that created extra bulk in the front of the diaper.  I found the added bulkiness and extra snaps to be aesthetically unattractive.  I really liked that FuzziBunz has a stay-dry fleece lining that kept our child more comfortable.  I also liked to coordinate the vibrant FuzziBunz diapers with cute baby T-shirts and baby leggings during the summer months.

18 months-potty training
Highly absorbent, snaps vs Hook and Loop closure (so toddler can't remove diaper), preferably no stay-dry feature (feeling wet will encourage potty training)

  • My favorite diaper: BumGenius 4.0.  (aff link) As our child grew bigger, she began holding urine for longer periods of time and we needed a highly absorbent diaper that was able to quickly catch a large amount of liquid.  We were having some leaks during naps and overnight and we weren't alone: many of our friends using disposable diapers were also struggling with over-saturated nap-time diapers.  We turned to BumGenius 4.0 which had a large pocket to stuff multiple, large absorbent inserts for naps and overnight.  Although BumGenius is not my favorite diaper aesthetically (added bulk and rise-snaps), it was unparalleled in absorbency (we're talking about a child who could saturate a premium prefold diaper overnight).

Of course, I couldn't talk about my favorite diapers without saying a few words about our least favorite diapers/styles:

Once we developed a preference for pocket diapers, our prefolds didn't make it out of the drawer very often.  Although they were absorbent, they were bulky and needed multiple steps to put the diaper on (requiring extra time).  When our child was kicking and screaming, there were days when I could barely get any diaper on her (let alone a 3-step diapering system).  As our child grew older, she completely refused to wear prefolds because she could tell when they were wet and she didn't like the feeling.

Hook-and-loop closures:
We quickly discovered that Hook-and-loop closures were not a good fit for our family.  Not only did they seem to stick to everything in the wash, but sometimes they would snag Mom and Dad's clothing when baby was only wearing a diaper.  The Grovia closures seemed to be better quality, however they also collected lint in the washing machine.

Cloth Training pants:
Cloth Trainers seemed like a really great purchase when we first bought them, however we quickly discovered that they were unnecessary.  Although it was nice for our child to learn how to pull them up-and-down, she only used them for about 2 months and they were not a good investment.  The sizing was also poor for our skinny child, and she ended up being unable to wear them until she was almost 24 months old.  We probably would have done just as well going right to underwear and skipping trainers, but each child is different so we'll see how the next child goes and maybe we'll feel differently.

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