Saturday, January 19, 2013

Signs You're a Cloth Diapering Expert

Using cloth diapers isn't very difficult.  You think you've all but mastered the art of cloth diapering, but are you truly an expert?  Moving from cloth diapering 101 into the realm of expertise requires practice, research, and perhaps a little bit of humor.

10 signs you're an expert in all things cloth diapers: Do you have these qualities?  Give yourself one point for each statement you agree with.

1. You communicate in strange abbreviations (AIO, PUL, AI2) and people may wonder if you're speaking a different language

2. You can change a cloth diaper under the most hostile conditions (picture: diaper change while balancing baby in a poorly lit and unsanitary truck-stop restroom)

3. If there was a contest for the fastest cloth diaper change, you'd win it

4. Your friends keep asking you for advice about cloth diapering, and you've probably converted about half your Facebook friends to cloth diapers

5. Cloth diapering has become so second nature, that you may be incapable of changing a disposable diaper or completely repulsed by them

6. You've done your fair share of [cloth diaper] stripping, and you've toyed with the idea of setting up a separate washer to maximize cloth diaper laundry efficiency

7. You have a sizable modern cloth diaper stash plus a washer and dryer, yet you find yourself handwashing flat diapers just to prove you can do it (i.e. Flats and Handwashing Challenge)

8. You take advantage of every possible opportunity to share the awesomeness that is modern cloth diapering, and embrace opportunities to have awkward conversations with people: "Cloth diapers really keep that liquid poop contained!"

9. You've taken your cloth diapers on road trips, airplanes, or camping, and you're always up for a new challenge (cloth diapers in space?)

10. You could probably earn a college degree in "Cloth Diapering", but you'd be better suited to teach the courses

What your score means:

1-3 points: Cloth diapering newbie- You're learning

4-6 points: Oh wise one, you know a lot about cloth diapers

7-9 points: You're an expert at cloth diapering.  Keep up the good work, and share the knowledge!

10 points: You're a cloth diaper blogger, right? 

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