Monday, January 21, 2013

Talking to a new daycare about cloth diapers

Over the summer our little one transitioned to a new room at her daycare.  Before her move, I decided to do some price comparisons between our current daycare and some other daycare centers in the area.  It's not that we don't love our daycare- we LOVE it, and we love everything about it.  However, when we first enrolled our daughter it was in the midst of moving to a new state, getting new jobs, selling a house, and we were desperate to find daycare.  We didn't do much comparison shopping, and ended up enrolling at an in-house daycare at our workplace.  I was curious how our current daycare was comparing in price to other centers.

I looked up several daycare centers online, and called one center that didn't have pricing listed on their website.  My first question was about their pricing.  My second question was "Our daughter uses a reusable style of diaper, is that something your center will support?"  Notice, I didn't say cloth diaper.  I specifically and intentionally used the term reusable diaper to avoid any stigma or misconceptions about cloth diapering.  The voice on the other end cheerfully responded "Good for you! Our center has had other children using cloth diapers and we fully support it.".  It was an awesome conversation, and the center was obviously fully informed about how cool cloth diapers are!

I was very glad I had the chance to find another local daycare that is fully on-board with cloth diapering, and open to working with parents to do what is best for their children. Of the various centers I've talked to about cloth diapering over the years, most of them were fully informed about cloth diapers and modern styles commonly used at daycare centers.  I've only talked to one center that flat-out said NO to cloth diapering (obviously not understanding my legal rights in Minnesota).  The poor attitude and terse responses I received from that center made it clear I didn't want my child anywhere near their facility.

My daycare search resulted in the (happy) conclusion that our current daycare is priced competitively and we are thankfully not considering switching.  We will continue sending our little one to play with all her friends, and keep cloth diapering at our current daycare!

Have you talked to daycares in your area about cloth diapering? What kinds of responses did you get?

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