Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Citrus lane 2-year-old box February 2013

We recently signed up for Citrus Lane and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our February box.  Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription program where you receive age-appropriate and gender-specific (or gender-neutral) toys and products for your child.  The biggest appeal for our family, is that the products in each Citrus lane box are eco-friendly, good-quality natural products, and they are parent reviewed.

Subscribers will pay about $21-$25 (before coupons) for a monthly subscription (with free shipping).  In December, we received $54 worth of great items for only $12.50 (after coupon code TAKEHALF) and we were hooked!

Citrus lane is available in a month-to-month, cancel anytime, subscription.  You can also select a 6, or 12 month subscription for additional savings.

  • New customers take 50% off your month-to-month subscription with the code TAKEHALF
  • New customers save $10 off any purchase through our "refer a friend" link
  • Save 10% off your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription with the code "BREAK10"

Our box: February 2013 (Age 33 months, gender neutral)

  • Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee (Book) $6.50: I was really pleased with this book!  I was worried we were going to receive a board book, however this book is perfectly tailored to our daughter's age and attention span.
  • Fish Guiro $7.26: Musical instruments are a big hit in our house, and this was an instrument that we were definitely lacking.  The little one spent a loooong time running around with this instrument while playing it and dancing.   
  • Little Buddy Wipes $2.50: Great wipes for on-the-go cleaning.  We always seem to encounter the biggest messes while out-and-about, so these will be perfect to bring along on trips and outings.
  • Tooth Gel $6.70: All natural tooth paste that is safe for swallowing!  We've actually had one instance of the little one getting into fluoride toothpaste and eating it. This is safe for the accidental swallow, so it's great for beginning tooth brushing.  I had no idea there were products like this available.
  • Lip Balm (for Mom) $10.20: nurishing and organic balm- they must know that Minnesotan's have very chapped lips this time of year! 
Value of box: $33.16

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