Sunday, February 24, 2013

CJs butter relieves rash and skin irritation

Recently a relative came to me with a question about her 6 month old son's skin.  He had started to develop some red, irritated patches on his face (mostly on the cheeks).  Her doctor had recommended Aquaphor, and they had used it with no improvement.  Next she tried an all-natural coconut oil, and still experienced no improvement.  She was hoping I could recommend a natural product that would solve the problem.

Skin irritations aren't new to our family, and luckily we have found an amazing product called CJs butter.  CJs butter was originally developed as a soothing treatment for eczema.  It's all natural, and has relatively few basic ingredients. CJs butter is commonly used as a cloth diaper-safe cream, and many parents have called CJs a "wonder cream" for relieving diaper rash. When anyone in the family has dry skin or irritation it's the first thing we grab. CJs is gentle enough to use on the face or diaper area without causing more irritation.

I love that CJs butter is available in a variety of containers.  We have a squeeze tube, jar, and roll-on-stick of CJs butter and use them for a variety of different purposes.  I keep the squeeze tube in the bathroom for general skin use, the jar in our diapering area, and the roll-on-stick at daycare.  The daycare staff really like the roll-on-stick because it's less messy, and it's easy to apply a thin layer.  We rarely have problems with diaper rash, but if a rash crops up CJs clears it quickly.  The best part about CJs butter is that a little goes a long way!


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