Friday, February 8, 2013

Cloth Diaper Love

Cloth diapering has gone beyond a simple way for our family to save money.  Cloth diapering has become almost like a hobby for our family.  There are just so many reasons for us to love cloth diapers in our household, and today I'll share a few of the less obvious reasons we love cloth diapers.

Cloth diapering brings us together:

One of the main reasons I love cloth diapering so much is that it's something that brings my husband and I together.  That may sound a little weird, right? However, we are both highly trained in specialized work fields (him: Actuarial Science/Life insurance, and me: Genetics/Cell Biology).  We have zero chance of having an understandable conversation with each other about what we do during a normal work day.  However, cloth diapering has become the subject of some complex and interesting conversations .  We love talking about the business side of cloth diapering: be it discussing the controversy of cloth diaper knockoffs or analyzing a marketing strategy from a leading diaper company.  We also love troubleshooting cloth diapering problems that other people are having, and usually one of us will think of a solution that the other hasn't considered.  Additionally, cloth diapering has helped us make new friends locally and nationally, and has brought us into a wonderful community of parents (just check out our Facebook page).

Cloth diapers make us "greener"

When we started cloth diapering over two years ago, we weren't even considering some of the "green" lifestyle changes we currently use on a regular basis.  Cloth diapering was a gateway to getting us thinking about natural cleaning products, biodegradable laundry detergents, composting, and gardening.  Once we succeeded with cloth diapering, we realized that mainstream marketing was really hurting our family and creating an attitude of "need, need, need" when we didn't actually need any of those products.  We ended up making some great lifestyle changes and started encouraging our child to play outdoors or with found objects instead of cluttering our home with toys.  We have discovered that simplifying our lifestyle has made our lives richer and more satisfying.

Cloth diapers are our cause

There are many families struggling to stay afloat financially.  During my early years in graduate school, our family had some tough financial decisions to make.  We were on such a tight budget, that we would record every purchase made during a month so we could be accountable to the other person for the $4 coffee we'd splurged on.  Thankfully our years right out of college weren't complicated by having children to support, yet those difficult years prepared us for the financial changes we'd experience when we eventually did have children.  The expense of caring for children can be shocking for a family. Cloth diapers represents an easy and realistic way for families to save thousands of dollars without sacrificing the health or well-being of their children.  We are advocates for cloth diapers because 1 in 3 American families has had to cut back on basic household necessities to afford disposable diapers. We want people to know that there is an alternative to disposable diapers. 

What are some things you have gained through cloth diapering?

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