Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cloth Training Pants by style and price

If you are currently using disposable training pants and potty training is going nowhere, it is worth considering the benefits of cloth trainers (even if you've never cloth diapered before).  Cloth trainers are designed so your child will feel when they are wet, and begin to recognize when they need to use the potty. Cloth trainers give your child the comfort of cloth (which is more like underwear), with the security of absorbency (in the inevitable case of accidents).  Unlike typical cloth diapers, cloth training pants are helpful in teaching your child how to pull their pants up and down.

When I began looking for cloth training pants, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of different brands and styles to choose from!  Depending on your child's needs, and the stage of potty training you're at, you might have different requirements for a cloth trainer.

Just starting to train:
You'll definitely want a cloth trainer pant with waterproofing.  A baby that is just learning to potty train will have plenty of accidents, and you'll want those accidents to be contained in the training pants. Trainer pants with side snap access are also helpful when your child starts training.  Side snaps are useful for when your child has a BM in the trainer, because you can easily remove the trainer without having to pull it off over the feet.

On the way to being trained:
A child who is actively using the potty and can recognize when they need to make a BM, should do well using a cloth trainer without side snaps.

Trained (w/ occasional accidents):
A child that has only the occasional accident might not need any waterproofing.  A thicker fabric might be all they need to catch an occasional leak.  You may consider exclusively using underwear at this stage of training, and bringing some extra clothing changes along for outings.

Different brands and styles of trainer pants
I started compiling a list of cloth trainers available for purchase. I'm sure there are more brands missing from this list, so if you notice a brand that is missing please let me know and I will add it!  Diapers are listed from least, to most expensive in each category.

Sized, without snaps, no waterproofing:

Sized, with side snaps, waterproof:

Sized, without side snaps, waterproof:

One Size, side snaps, waterproof:

For a great review of some of the cloth trainer pants mentioned above, please visit Part 1 and Part2 of the "Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers" from All about Diapers.  You can also find more reviews of cloth trainer pants from parents that are using them at

I will stress that cloth training pants are a great tool, but they aren't necessary for potty training.  You can still use your regular cloth diapers during potty training, but your child will need your assistance in removing the diaper to use the potty.  If you are on a tight budget and don't want to invest in training pants, keep in mind that training pants are a tool but not a necessity for potty training success.  Your child may do just as well transitioning immediately to underwear.

Grovia My Choice Trainers have stretchy sides for toilet training


  1. MamaBear BabyWear on Etsy has waterproof side snap one size fits all training pants too!