Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Cloth Wipes

If you are planning to cloth diaper, you can easily save money by using cloth wipes.  Using cloth wipes equals a savings of about $5 per week for most families.  Purchasing commercially available cloth wipes can be expensive, and wipes are about $1 per wipe.  While purchasing cloth wipes will still save you money in the long run, you can easily make your own wipes.  I wanted to make some wipes as a gift for a recent baby shower.

I decided to make the cloth wipes out of fleece and I made that decision for several reasons.  First, I have some commercially made fleece wipes and I really like how soft they are. Second, I don't have a serger so I wanted to use a material that wouldn't have any risk of fraying.

You can make your wipes whatever size you'd like, but the size I've mentioned here will fit into a pop-up wipes container.  To make about 16 wipes, I purchased 1/2 a yard of fleece. I measured and cut the fleece into rectangles sized 8 inches by 6.5 inches. Next I used scissors to round the corners of all the rectangles.  Finally, I used a large zig-zag stitch, and stitched over the border of each wipe. By letting the zig-zag stitch fall off the fabric on one side, it creates a serged effect. I was able to make 16 wipes from the 1/2 yard of fabric, for about $2.50!

Some other ideas for cloth wipe material: Flannel, terry cloth, or even old towels can be cut, surged, and used as wipes.

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  1. Those are some cheap wipes! Thanks for the little tutorial.