Thursday, March 21, 2013

Citrus Lane 2-year-old box March 2013

We recently signed up for Citrus Lane and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our March box after having a great experience with our February box.  Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription program where you receive age-appropriate and gender-specific (or gender-neutral) toys and products for your child.  The biggest appeal for our family, is that the products in each Citrus lane box are eco-friendly, good-quality natural products, and they are parent reviewed.

March Box: Age 34 months, gender neutral

Slumber Friends Plush Pillow from Cloud B: Imagine my surprise when I opened our Citrus Lane box and discovered this huge plush pillow with a removable lavender scent pouch!  Our daughter absolutely loved this item.  We have been having a lot of problems with nap time lately and this sweet sheep pillow is a wonderful comfort item for her (especially since her 2-week-old little brother has been getting a lot of attention lately).

On the Road Pouch Puzzle: This is a great step-up from some of our simpler puzzles.  We haven't tried more complicated puzzles outside the realm of the usual Melissa and Doug board puzzles, and I think our daughter is definitely up to the challenge of this more advanced puzzle.  I also love the car and transportation theme.  Our daughter has been very interested in toy cars lately, and this will reinforce some of the learning we have been doing at home.

Jungle Tattoos: Our daughter is crazy about temporary tattoos and stamps and she was so excited to be able to pick from an assortment of jungle animal tattoos!  We are going to use these as rewards for good behavior (being a listener, picking up after herself).

Banana and Apple Pouch from Peter Rabbit Organics: 100% Organic fruit pouch that made a special treat for our afternoon snack today.  Little one really enjoyed it!

$20 to JUSTFAB (for Mom):
This was a new website for me so I'll have to do some serious perusing.  JUSTFAB has handbags, shoes, and jewelry and they are currently offering 20% off your first order.  I'm excited about treating myself to a shopping spree from the convenience of my computer: especially amidst the craziness of bringing home a new baby.

Subscribers will pay about $21-$25 (before coupons) for a monthly Citrus Lane subscription (with free shipping).  In December, we received $54 worth of great items for only $12.50 (after coupon code TAKEHALF) and we were hooked!

Citrus lane is available in a month-to-month, cancel anytime, subscription.  You can also select a 6, or 12 month subscription for additional savings.

  • New customers take 50% off your month-to-month subscription with the code TAKEHALF
  • New customers save $10 off any purchase through our "refer a friend" link
  • Save 10% off your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription with the code "BREAK10" 

*Update* April 9th 2013:

I had to post an update about our experience with the March box products now that we've been using them for a few weeks.  I am beyond pleased with our Plush Pillow.  Our daughter has been struggling with napping at home for months.  Since we received the sheep, she has named him "Lambie" and he is a constant bed- and nap-time buddy.  She has been taking naps almost every day!  We've also been working on our puzzle several times each week and it is amazing to see our daughter's progress.  She went from total frustration about the puzzle, to working independently to sort and match pieces.  She still needs a little coaching, but is learning how to work the puzzle by starting from one of the edges.  It is awesome to see her skills developing.  The transformation with nap-time was enough to convince me to sign us up for a six month subscription- Thanks Citrus Lane!


  1. wow, that sounds great! I will have to check it out.

    1. We tried our first box back in December and used the code "Takehalf" to get 50% off our first box- this code is still good. We loved the December box so much that we decided to try a 3 month subscription. We have been so happy with Citrus Lane and our daughter absolutely loves having something special arriving in the mail just for her!

  2. i love that you're using the items as rewards and also to encourage her to continue learning and exploring even though your attention is now split between her and the new little one. when we get preggers with a sibling for our little one, i plan on signing up!

    1. I totally intended to save some of the items as gifts for her (b-day, Christmas), but the items seem to be so well tailored to what we need at this time. It's so helpful!