Friday, March 8, 2013

Easy and Practical Gifts for Easter

Our family loves incorporating eco-friendly, natural parenting products into our gift-giving. We also love giving gifts that are practical and useful.  Gift giving in our family tends to follow along with a favorite saying:

"Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read"

We don't always choose gifts from every category, but this simple saying is a great reminder that simplicity in gift-giving is often most appreciated.  This year, we decided to put together a simple Easter basket that fit into our gift-giving philosophy.  This will be our 1-month old's first Easter and that is certainly a reason to celebrate!

Easter Basket:

  • Cloth diaper (Something you need/something to wear): I selected a fresh, spring-colored cloth diaper from FuzziBunz cloth diapers to incorporate into the basket.  Not only is it a great focal point of the basket, but it is a practical item that will be getting a lot of use.  The one-size fit of FuzziBunz cloth diapers means we'll be using this diaper for years as our little one grows.
  • Bunnies and Easter Eggs (Something you want): Easter just isn't Easter without baby animals and Easter eggs.  I used my knitting skills and some extra yarn to create two stuffed bunnies and two different colored Easter eggs.  We started a tradition of giving knit Easter eggs to our kids two years ago.  The eggs are a simple and quick project, they make fun play food, and they are cute decorations for the Easter dinner table.
  • Something to read: I left this out of our Easter basket because our 1-month old isn't quite to the "reading" stage.  However, in Easter baskets for our older child we have incorporated books about baby animals, or even a simple note/card saying how much we love her.

These are a few ideas about how we incorporate simplicity and practicality into our Easter gift-giving!  For less than $20 we created an adorable basket with useful and fun items that even a baby can appreciate.


  1. What a great idea for my youngest 1st real easter!

  2. My youngest is no longer in diapers, and we're expecting #4 on July 4th. Any pocket diaper would be a great addition to our small stash (of 9) diapers!

  3. Really want to try the ecosprout :)

  4. BG Lovelace & FB strawberry print :)

  5. any color I don't need to change myself (hubby works out of town - so I get a break on Sundays)

  6. Bum Genius Mirror is a fun easter color :)

  7. I love any of the Bum Genius pastel colors paired with a cute Easter dress.