Sunday, March 3, 2013

How and Why to Use a Diaper Liner

Diaper liners are pieces of reusable fabric or disposable paper products that “line” diapers and protect the diaper or the baby.

Diaper liner shown on right. This is a FuzziBunz diaper with a reusable Bummis fleece liner (available in a five pack).

Lay diaper liners close to the front of diapers. If your diaper liner is a little longer than the diaper, fold the back of the liner under so it will fit inside the diaper.

There are three main reasons to use a diaper liner:

1. You’d like to apply a cloth-diaper-safe rash cream.  
Even if a rash cream is listed as “safe” for cloth diapers, creams can sometimes be goopy and greasy, or leave stains on diapers.  By lining the diaper with a diaper liner, you shield the diaper from cream and prevent stains.

2. It’s easier to remove poop.  
A diaper liner can be a great way to easily dispose of poop.  A disposable liner containing poop can be transferred directly to a toilet and flushed.  A cloth liner can be transferred to a toilet where poop can be easily dumped off the liner.  By using a diaper liner you may have less need for a diaper sprayer.

3. Create a “stay dry” feature for a prefold or flat diaper.   
The great thing about prefold and flat diapers is they are inexpensive.  The bad thing is that moisture is held directly next to baby’s skin.  By using a reusable fleece diaper liner, you encourage moisture to pass through the liner and away from baby.  This is an inexpensive way to get the “stay dry” feature found in other more expensive styles of diapers.

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