Friday, March 1, 2013

Modern methods to fasten cloth diapers

In traditional cloth diapering, pins were the only option to secure a diaper to baby.  Today pins are one of the least used options to secure a diaper.  Most cloth diapers have modern closures that are simple and easy to use.

Velcro/Hook and Loop:

Diapers that attach with Hook and Loop closure (a generic term for Velcro) are an easy way to get a great fit.  Hook and Loop attaches diapers in a very similar manner to disposable diapers, making Hook and Loop a good choice for daycare providers or tentative husbands.  Usually Hook-and-Loop diapers come with laundry tabs where you fold and stick the Velcro for washing, which helps prevent the Velcro from getting stuck to other things in the laundry.  Many people prefer Velcro because you have so much control over how tight or loose to make the diaper fit.  The down side is that Velcro can wear with time, or collect lint, making it less effective.   Another down side is that Velcro tends to make it easier for babies to remove the diapers at inopportune times. Companies such as Grovia have solved these problems by using a micro-Velcro that collects very little lint and is much more difficult for baby to unfasten.

Hook-and-Loop closure is easy to use, but it may collect lint.  Occasionally cleaning out Hook and Loop tabs is a good way to keep them functioning efficiently.


Some people prefer snaps over Hook and Loop closures because snaps are very difficult for your baby to undo on his own.  Snaps also hold up very well to rigorous use, and won’t stick to anything in the wash.  Snaps usually hold up so well that many companies provide a lifetime warranty on them. A down side with snaps is that you are more limited in where you can attach the diaper.  You can obviously only attach the diaper where a snap has been placed, and this may not be the ideal location.  Users of snaps may struggle with getting a great fit, and you’ll sometimes hear parents say things like, “My child is between snaps.” Usually there are more than enough snaps to get a great fit, and it might just take a little trial and error to decide what snap location works best.

Snaps are used to adjust the rise of this diaper and to fasten the diaper.


Snappi’s are a revolutionary product for attaching prefold diapers or flat diapers to baby, and Snappi's have basically replaced the old method of using pins to secure diapers.  Snappi’s are plastic, and designed as a tri-fastener that attaches to the left, right, and center of a folded diaper and holding it securely in place.  Snappi’s (and the prefold they are securing) should always be covered by a waterproof diaper cover to keep them from catching on carpet while baby is on the move.

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