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Pocket diapers- evolution of a great diaper

Pocket diapers are a revolutionary type of diapering system.  In this system, a diaper cover is lined with a fleece or microfleece layer creating a "pocket" where absorbent inserts can be stuffed into the diaper.  As the baby soils the diaper, moisture is pulled through the fleece and absorbed by the diaper insert.  This creates a "stay dry" feeling for baby, as moisture can not easily pass back through the fleece after it is absorbed into the diaper. 

There are many different brands of pocket diapers available on the market today.  FuzziBunz cloth diapers was the first company to patent their pocket-style diaper after its release in 2001.

In this image from the FuzziBunz patent, we see a diaper cover with an insert that stuffs into the pocket of the diaper

Pocket diapers have evolved over the past 10 years, and today most brands of pocket diapers are available in one-size options. Pocket diapers are also available with highly absorbent inserts made from cotton, microfiber, hemp, or minky fabrics, and diapers are lined with a variety of fabrics including fleece, microfleece, and even suede.  Pocket diapers may secure to baby with Velcro or snap closures, making them modern and easy to use.

FuzziBunz today- available in one-size diapers lined with soft fleece and available in vibrant colors and patterns
The stay-dry feature of pocket diapers has made them exceptionally popular with over 70% of cloth diapering families reporting they prefer pocket diapers to any other diaper style (Diaper Shops pulse survey 2012).  Pocket diapers also have the benefit of being fast-drying, meaning fewer diapers may be required to maintain an adequate stash.

Pocket diapers have pocket openings at either the front or the back of the diaper.  Absorbent inserts are stuffed into the pocket.
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