Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Citrus Lane 2-year-old Box April 2013

We recently signed up for Citrus Lane and have been awaiting the arrival of our April box.  This box seemed to take forever to arrive, and we were actually one day past the estimated delivery range when it showed up. You can image we were anxious to receive it! Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription program where you receive age-appropriate and gender-specific (or gender-neutral) toys and products for your child.  The biggest appeal for our family, is that the products in each Citrus lane box are eco-friendly, good-quality natural products, and they are parent reviewed.

April Box: 34 months, Gender neutral

Oogaa Silicone Placemat:  We actually received one of these silicone placemats from a baby shower for our 1-month-old, and it was instantly confiscated by our 2-year-old.  I really like the one we currently have, and I'm glad we now have a second one.  The placemat protects our table from damage: from silverwear (yes someone likes to stab the table occasionally), and from warm plates.  It's also easy to submerge and quickly clean these placemats, but they take a little while to dry (hence the benefit of having two).

Melissa and Doug Paint with water: I'm very excited for little one to try this.  She keeps begging to do painting activities, but it isn't something we do often because traditional painting can be so messy.  This is something I can do with her and not have to worry about giving her a bath afterwards!

Honest Comp Shampoo/body wash: This was great timing, because we are getting low on our natural body wash we use for the kids and I needed to buy more.  I haven't tried anything from this company yet, but the body wash smells fresh and clean.  My only complaint was that since shipping took so long, our shampoo froze and leaked a bit on the way here.  Should you have to worry about freezing temperatures when shipping to Minnesota in April?  Apparently.  Thankfully the shampoo was in a separate pouch and everything in the box was sealed: nothing was damaged.

Plum organic mash ups: Fruit and Veggie mix.  Our daughter has decided she doesn't particularly care for these fruit pouches, but we've found if we remove the puree from the package then she will eat them.  Something about slurping puree out of a pouch is not appealing to her- that's OK.

Food Storage containers from InnoBaby: We have a few small food storage containers like these, and they are awesome for outings.  Now that we will soon have two hungry kids eating solid foods in a few months, I'm glad we have some extra containers to share around.

*Special Purchase* Skip Hop Water Bottle: This was a new promotion from Citrus Lane.  We had the option to purchase this water bottle separately for $6 and receive it in our box.  Since my daughter is always sharing water bottles with me, I seem to keep catching every virus she is harboring!  I wanted her to get her own water bottle she could use and the adorable design on this Skip Hop bottle was perfect for her.

Citrus Lane Details:

Subscribers will pay about $21-$25 (before coupons) for a monthly Citrus Lane subscription (with free shipping).

Citrus lane is available in a month-to-month, cancel anytime, subscription.  You can also select a 6, or 12 month subscription for additional savings.
  • New customers take 50% off your month-to-month subscription with the code TAKEHALF
  • New customers save $10 off any purchase through our "refer a friend" link
  • Save 10% off your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription with the code "BREAK10"

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