Monday, April 29, 2013

Daddy's Diaper Duties

Being in a two-parent-working household, Mom and Dad share most of the responsibilities for the house.  The line between traditional gender roles in maintaining a household has broken down, which means that Dad knows he has a fair share in cooking and cleaning while Mom knows that she has to use a plunger and do yard chores. Although this blog has thus far been written through a Mom's perspective, Dad has been playing some critical roles behind the scenes.  Dad has also been a major factor in our decision to start cloth diapering, and make it fun.

The responsibilities for maintaining and using cloth diapers fall on both parties, but Mom or Dad have become specialists in some areas:

1. Changing the diapers: Both parents

Let's face it, no one loves having to change diapers and trading off is a great way to keep it from getting old (I did the last poopy diaper, you're up!).  Sometimes the little one will behave better for one parent vs. the other during a particular change, and instead of fighting with the toddler we call for backup. 

2. Washing diapers: Both parents

Washing diapers isn't especially difficult, but it takes a good memory to remember you've started the laundry!  One parent might load diapers into the washer to rinse, while the other will return later to add detergent and start the wash cycle.  A team effort makes laundry go quickly.

3. Line drying diapers: Both parents

Line drying is the one part of the wash routine which takes some time.  Hanging up diapers is something that we often do together as a family (even the little one can help with distributing clothes pins).  If we get distracted, sometimes washed diapers get neglected until 10:30pm, and then a team effort is especially nice.

4. Stuffing/folding diapers: Both, or Mom

This used to be a job that both parents shared, but it is a job typically taken on by Mom twice a week.

5. Getting diapers ready for daycare: Mom

Since Mom is usually folding diapers after they are laundered, she sorts them into piles for bringing to daycare or keeping at home.  During week nights, Mom packs a bag for daycare containing one wet bag and enough diapers for the next day.

6. Handling diapers at daycare: Dad

Dad is responsible for bringing the little one to and from daycare and is therefore responsible for taking clean diapers (pre-packed) for the day and returning soiled ones.  Dad also has to check how many cloth wipes are left at daycare, and return the wipes container when it's getting low.  Dad needs to remember how many clean diapers are left at daycare so there is always a ready supply.

7. Making cloth wipes solution: Mom

Mom makes up a large container of cloth wipes about every couple of weeks to send to daycare. 

I've heard a few Moms who attest that their significant others have never changed a diaper, or detest changing diapers.  To those guys I have to say "Man up!"  Babies are in diapers for somewhere around 2-3 years, you're going to have to learn how to do it eventually.  Even if you're a guy whose wife is at home, there are still plenty of areas where you can easily make a difference in diaper duties.  For example, Dads can easily add detergent to a load of diapers.  This task takes less than 30 seconds, yet it's something that helps the diapers get clean faster and Mom will appreciate.

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    1. I had to share how much my husband really does. He's a great dad!

  2. That's great you all share that much! It's a bit different in our house! LOL I don't do yard work, vacuuming, trash duties, put gas in the cars (that's all I can think of at the moment! LOL) and I do most of the cooking (although hubs does cook sometimes) and I do all diaper laundry (my choice)...but he does change diapers, too! :) We share everything else! :) Cute post, thanks for sharing!