Friday, April 5, 2013

Generations of Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering has been a part of our family for generations, but thankfully my mother's cloth diapers are not my cloth diapers.  The cloth diapering world has changed a lot over the past 30 years.  My mom used Gerber brand "flat"diapers that she folded, secured with pins, and covered with "plastic pants."  Cloth diapers were certainly not a fashion statement, but they served their purpose. 
My mom cloth diapered my sister and I using flat diapers
We can still purchase a variety of Gerber brand flat diapers and our family uses them as spit rags.  Whenever I grab one of the flats during a nursing session, I'm amazed about how much cloth diapering has changed.  I can't imagine these flats holding much liquid, and they certainly couldn't compare to the absorbency found in modern cloth diapering fibers such as microfiber or hemp.  However, there are serious benefits to these thin cloths.  They create less bulk for smaller babies (good for newborn cloth diapering), they are easy to handwash, they dry quickly (allowing for a smaller stash of diapers), and they are made from all-natural cotton fibers.  Since they absorb less liquid, they also require more frequent diaper changes and may even reduce the likelihood of diaper rash. 

The style of flat diapers used on me as a baby.  I'll be using this same style of diapers as part of the "Flats and Handwashing Challenge"
This coming May, I'll take a trip to the past when I use the same type of flat diapers that my mother used on me as a baby.  I'll be diapering our then 2-month-old as part of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  I'm excited about revisiting an old favorite and chatting with my mom about some of her favorite methods of folding diapers.
Were you cloth diapered as a baby? 

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