Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do You Need To Unsnap Diapers During Washing?

There are many brands of diapers that have snaps to adjust the rise settings, or snaps to adjust the size of stuff-able inserts.  All these snaps bring up the question: Do you need to unsnap these diapers before washing them?  Are the diapers going to get clean enough if they are left snapped?  The happy news is that you shouldn't ever need to unsnap your one-size diaper covers for laundering or line drying.  Diaper covers are thin enough to get fully agitated in the wash and come completely clean. 

There are a few instances where I would consider unsnapping microfiber inserts, or One-Size fitted diapers:

  • Line drying: Microfiber inserts and one-size fitted diapers can be very thick and take longer to dry.  After washing microfiber inserts with snaps, it's a good idea to unsnap them before putting them into the dryer or on the clothes line.  Opening up the fabric will allow it to dry faster.
  • Handwashing: If you plan to handwash microfiber inserts with snaps or one-size fitted diapers, it may be a good idea to unsnap them before laundering.  It can be difficult to fully clean thicker diapers by hand, and opening up the inserts and diapers will make them easier to wash.

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