Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flat frustration

My first day of the flat challenge went wonderfully.  I had successfully used only flat diapers all day and night, we didn't have any leaks or problems, and I wrote about how great the flats were.  However day two proved to be a bit more challenging.  This day was more stressful for a variety of reasons. We had a long meeting in the morning where we were scheduled to meet our kids' new teachers for the preschool room and infant room at our daycare.  The meeting was at 9am, and, despite an early 6am wake-up, there didn't seem to be enough time to get ready. 

I hadn't gotten a chance to handwash baby's overnight and morning diaper, but he was changed and ready while I attempted to slap on some makeup before we left.  Suddenly I heard a loud noise coming from baby: the kind of noise that makes you pause and say, "Oh no..."  It was an enormous poop.  It was the kind of poop where it's just easier to rinse the baby instead of trying to clean the mess with a million wipes.  Baby was washed and changed, but I didn't want to leave that diaper sitting for hours while we were out.  I thought it was better to get it rinsed before we left, and let it soak in hot water with detergent while we were gone.  I rapidly rinsed the diaper using the spray head of our shower, and went to dunk the dirty diaper into the bucket.  However, the bucket was already full of soiled diapers from overnight and that morning.  I didn't want to mix a poopy diaper with diapers that were just wet.  So, I found myself handwashing the wet diapers, and then ended up quickly washing the poopy diaper.  I had just enough time to hang everything to dry, grab a few flats for the diaper bag, and rush out the door.

The daycare meeting went well, but on the way home my (almost) 3-year-old daughter began complaining about not wanting to go to preschool.  She was in a mood about it.  I thought, "You're kidding me.  I spent weeks convincing her that it was fun to be at home with me, and now she doesn't want to go back to daycare?"  She was really trying my patience, yet making me feel completely horrible for "ruining" my children's lives by working full-time. She was emotional, and I was frustrated. 

Pretty soon I noticed that baby was pooping a lot more than usual.  He must have picked up the cold his big sister had over the weekend, because his breastfed poop was quickly transitioning to an ominous green color. We were getting really low on flat diapers.  I only had about 10 flats to begin with (for an 11-week-old baby that uses 8-10 diapers per day). We were almost out of dry flats, so I resorted to grabbing some receiving blankets.  Baby made another poop, this time while wearing a receiving blanket.  This was much more difficult to rinse off.  The poop seemed to cling to the flannel blanket, and it took quite a bit of effort to rinse.  It wasn't until it was about time for bed, when I finally figured out why we were so low on flats: it was because I had stuffed two flats into the diaper bag for our meeting and forgotten about them. 

My mind was in a million different places... but we made it through day two.

My daughter wanted to try washing, so she had some practice with the clean diapers.


  1. Oh, no. I hope today goes much better for you!

  2. I did the Challenge last year and it was also Rainy May days for the whole week! I feel ya, sista! BUT, my baby was much older!! You are brave to do it with an infant! Good luck!

    1. I was expecting little guy to be like his big sis and only go every 2-5 days after 6 weeks of age, so I honestly thought this was going to be so easy when I first signed up! He hasn't been like that at all though. It has been a great experience so far: tough but I'm learning a lot. I'm also becoming very empathetic to those who are struggling financially: handwashing can be overwhelming at times.

    2. My son would poop 2-4x a day every day after 6 weeks and still does!!! He is now 20 months and I am wondering when I am going to get a poop break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. haha! Our doctor said it was totally normal for some babies to just go more often. Apparently those babies that go more often as infants are less likely to struggle with constipation during potty training. Our oldest ended up getting really clogged up once we started solids at 8 months and that was a bit of a struggle. Hopefully a little extra pooping is good for them, but just not as much fun for the flats challenge ;).

  3. I am sure it will only get better. Kudos to you for taking part in this challenge and educating people!