Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flat-out Bad Weather, Partial Handwashing could help

Weather was a major factor for me during the flats challenge.  Because of my extremely limited number of flat diapers (10 diapers for a baby that uses about 12 diapers per day), I had been planning to rely on the sun to quickly dry diapers between multiple washes per day.  However, it was raining for the majority of the challenge.  While we do have an indoor clothes line, I suspected that not many people have this luxury.  I passed on the clothes line and attempted to dry the diapers anywhere and everywhere I could find room: locations such as hangers, door knobs, and towel racks.

I was very tempted to throw some of my diapers into the dryer with other clothes laundry I was doing.  I thought that may be an option some families are using: handwash diapers and use a dryer to dry them.  This would certainly not violate any terms of the laundermat since all the diapers are already clean.  It reminded me that handwashing doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing.  You could pre-rinse diapers by hand and then wash them in a pay-washer every few days.  This partial handwashing procedure would still save quite a bit of money and reduce the amount of work involved in handwashing.

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