Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flats redeemed, folding diapers

The third day of the flat challenge was a definite relief after struggling on the second day.  As I mentioned, there was so much going on that it was a little difficult to handle handwashing diapers.  The main problem was that I didn't have enough flat diapers.  Ideally I should have about 24 flat diapers for my young baby, but I'm trying to get by with only 10.  I thought this problem is a real-life issue for many parents today.  Parents are struggling to get by with less than the optimal amount of diapers (cloth or disposable).  At least with cloth you can wash and get more diapers right away: as long as they dry quickly enough and you are diligent about washing regularly.

We had a quiet day with some morning errands.  Baby seemed to be feeling much better today and he wasn't going through as many diapers. My mom stopped by for a visit in the afternoon, and I was grateful to have some company.  I showed my mom the flat diapers I was using for the challenge and reminded her how these were the same style of diapers she used on me as a baby.  She remembered right away, and immediately grabbed a diaper to show me the fold she used to do.  It was a ridiculously complicated fold that involved many steps and basically had to be secured with pins (for this style of flat).  I laughed and told her that my fold involved, "Making a rectangle, and calling it good."

How to do the "cone fold" as my mom called it:



  1. Love the cone fold! I will be trying that today :)

  2. I'm guessing the cone fold works best with a square? My Osocozy flats are more rectangular than square.

    1. My flats are rectangular, so it should work for you!

  3. This looks similar to the fold my mom showed me once. So weird, since we're all the way in South Africa! Guess you don't mess with something that works, hey? ;-)