Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Best Uses for Swaddling Cloths

Swaddling cloths have been used for decades, and for good reason.  These thin, cotton cloths have a multitude of uses and are very helpful when caring for a new baby.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to use swaddling cloths.

Swaddling is the most obvious way to use a swaddling cloth.  Your baby spends nine months in the cramped confines of your womb, only to emerge and have sudden free reign of hands and legs.  Swaddling prevents baby from waking himself because of uncontrollable arm movement.  Swaddling also helps prevent scratches from those tiny baby fingernails.  Be sure to use care when swaddling: legs must be maintained in "frog" position (not tightly swaddled) to prevent hip problems.

Sun Protection
Babies need to be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent damage to their delicate skin.  Since most doctors recommend not using sunscreen until at least six months of age, it is important to provide baby with adequate protection.  You can't spend 6 months in the shade, but you can use a thin swaddling cloth to shield your baby from direct sunlight.  Whether wearing your baby in a carrier, or pushing your baby in a stroller, a draped swaddling cloth can provide shelter from the sun while keeping baby cool.
Swaddling cloth as sun protection over Boba Baby Carrier

Nursing cover
The great nursing cover debate: some are for covers and some are against covers.  One of the biggest complaints about nursing covers is that they are too hot for baby and mother.  A thin cotton swaddling cloth makes an amazing nursing cover.  Either drape the cloth over your nursing baby, or just tuck it near baby's mouth to cover as needed.

Spit cloth
Cotton swaddling cloths are absorptive, which means they make great spit cloths for baby.  You can use it to wipe up milk from baby's mouth, catch any milk drips while nursing, or even use one as a burp cloth.

Cotton swaddling cloths are thin, but that doesn't mean they can't be warm.  Fold your cloth in half or in fourths to create a warm but breathable layer to lay over baby for car trips or outings.  Because cotton is so breathable, baby will be less likely to get overheated.

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  1. i plan on getting some of the awesome ones you use when our next bundle comes along! swaddling was a life saver, but our first never liked having her arms contained. even from day 1, always had to have her arms free!

    1. Baby E always bonks himself in the head and wakes up when he has his hands free- you're lucky LO never had that issue :)

  2. Thanks for this post! I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my first, and my mother has gotten on to me saying that I don't need a ton of burping cloths or receiving blankets. I've picked up 3 so far and she's already getting onto me about it. Good to know there are many uses for them, and that I was right in picking them up!