Monday, June 24, 2013

Boba Air Baby Carrier Review

Boba is a company that has completely revolutionized babywearing.  I was interested in babywearing with my first child, but I did everything wrong.  I bought a carrier that was incredibly uncomfortable and put my child at risk for developing hip dysplasia.  Thankfully, that carrier didn't make it out of the closet much.  Last summer I bought a Boba 3G carrier to use for some hiking with our then 2-year-old.  We have been absolutely loving the Boba 3G carrier, but I was really curious about the Boba Air when it was released this past fall. 
Boba Air Carrier with sleeping hood up
This video of the Boba team folding the carrier into the self-storage pouch made me want to try this carrier even more.  After all, this is a carrier that folds down to roughly the size of an umbrella.


  • Front Carry (15lbs-30lbs)
  • Back Carry (20lbs-45lbs)
  • 100% Nylon and easy to clean
  • Attached sleeping hood that stores away into pouch
  • Places child in seated position that is supported by the International Hip Displasia Institute
  • Elastic bands roll up straps for smaller individuals
  • Adjustable straps provide comfortable fit

When my Boba Air arrived, I was surprised to find it tucked into my mail box.  Oh wait, the Boba Air only weighs 0.7lbs. It is tiny!  It's the perfect size to stash in my diaper bag or purse.  I found the Boba Air to be perfect for quick shopping trips.  When we run errands, I typically clip my carrier around my waist when driving from one location to another.  The Boba 3G can be a bit bulky when left in this position and car seat belts don't fit over it very well.  The Boba Air is thin enough that you can easily clip it around your waist when it's not in use and you don't notice any added bulk.
The fit of the Boba Air is almost identical to that of the Boba 3G.  I was happy to see that Boba didn't try to reinvent the wheel with this carrier: after all, the Boba 3G was rated one of the top baby carriers of 2012.  Since the Boba Air carrier is made of 100% Nylon, there isn't much extra padding like there is with the 3G.  During one outing, I wore the Boba Air for an hour and a half with no breaks and I think that was the longest I'd be comfortable wearing it.  During the 1.5 hours I was also carrying a 20lb diaper bag and simultaneously trying to photograph my older daughter at swimming lessons: certainly a workout.  However, I really enjoyed the fit of the Boba Air for shorter trips and found it to be very comfortable with my 16 pound little guy.  I also enjoyed having a thinner carrier when the temperatures started rising.  Baby was keeping cool and I didn't feel like I had to keep constantly checking him in this carrier (or worrying about getting sweaty myself).  The white colored carrier was a great way to reflect heat and it looks pretty striking too.

I was concerned that the white Boba Air would get dirty really quickly; however, that did not happen for us.  I used this carrier almost every day for two weeks and it was fresh and clean for the photography shown in this review (I didn't even need to clean it).  Since the carrier is made of nylon, cleaning it involves wiping it with a damp cloth.  If I had one improvement to suggest for this carrier, it would be to redesign the attachment of the sleeping hood so that it could be more easily tucked away and zipped into the storage pouch.  The oversized storage pouch is great for stashing pacifiers, money, and your cell phone, but if you want to zip it shut the sleeping hood has to be left out.

I really enjoyed reviewing the Boba Air, and I know this is a carrier that will fit the needs of many families.  Priced at $65, the Boba Air is a steal for a great fitting carrier.

Boba Air Best Uses:

  • Quick Trips
  • Hot weather
  • With babies and toddlers (less padding to support the weight of older children)

Boba provided the Boba Air for the purpose of this review.  I am an affiliate for Boba and this post contains affiliate links.  This review reflects my honest opinions of this product.


  1. I have been dying to try this since the release!

    1. It's so awesome! I keep finding myself grabbing it just because it folds up so small and I can bring it along even if I'm not planning on babywearing during a particular outing. It's like an umbrella: don't leave home without it :)

  2. i'm so glad to hear this! i love everything about our 3G except that we live in FL and i worry about the heat with a little one strapped to my body. this is VERY encouraging. i hope to get one when our next kiddo is on the way so i can start early and get him/her used to baby wearing. we didn't do that much with the first LO, but i think it'll be a lifesaver for the next!

    1. There are some tricks you can use when babywearing in hot weather. Carry baby into the store and then get baby into the carrier (standing on hot tar and putting baby into the carrier will overheat both of you). Since we're in Minnesota, we're just excited to see the sun and heat isn't a huge issue for us!

  3. Love the BobaAir. We have the black, but the white looks awesome too. It really is great for hot weather, isn't it?!

  4. Looks great and comfortable. We dont have one yet, so thanks so much for sharing@

  5. I have been wanting to try one of these forever! My little guy is 30lbs, so I thought it was pointless at this time to invest in a decent carrier, but it is good to know that this one can hold up to 45lbs!

  6. This looks absolutely awesome! I'm really dying to try one. I love my Boba 3G and I'm so happy to read that the fit is very similar.

  7. I just got mine yesterday. Thanks for the comment regarding the hood!!! I thought I was doing something wrong because I can't zip the pouch with the hood inside it!!

  8. I just referred back to this article. Looking into the Boba Air for travel to PR with a 10-month old. Thanks for the great review!