Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Citrus Lane June 2013 Box, 36 months

It's time for another Citrus Lane box!  This month I wasn't as good about snooping ahead of time for hints, meaning our box was a total surprise.  Sometimes Citrus lane offers some hints on their Facebook Page about box contents, but I must have missed them.  Our box arrived very early the last two months which was awesome: our April box seemed to take forever to arrive and I had mentioned that in the customer satisfaction survey that Citrus Lane sends out.

June 2013, Gender neutral, 36 months old

iPlay Sun Hat ($13): I was so excited about this item!  As usual, I've been planning on purchasing a sun hat for little one (one from iPlay actually) and I've been too busy to get out and shop.  I love that these iPlay sun hats have a toggle adjustment so you can get the perfect fit for your child.  This hat is for 2-4 yrs, but the toggle adjusted down small enough for the hat to fit on my 3-month-old baby too.

Haba Sand Toy ($7.69): Cute castle sand toy.  Half of our sand toys disintegrated last summer and this one looks to be of much better quality.  My husband accidentally smacked this toy into a pole while chucking it into the sand box and it didn't break.  This thing is durable!

Dot to Dot Chalks from Alex Toys ($5): We already tested these out on the driveway, and I think I was enjoying them just as much as the little one was.  I love that they have two different colors of chalk combined in each stick because you get a neat blend when you draw.  The chalk holder is a good idea for keeping your hands clean and helping to prevent the chalk from breaking (which happens a lot with young kids).

Sunny Sunscreen from Episencial ($8.33): This is a 1.5 ounce trial size especially for Citrus Lane customers.  The active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  We used to have another variety of sunscreen that had these two main ingredients and I haven't had much luck finding it again.  I'm sure I'm going to like this one just as much and Episencial is notorious for having great, natural products.

*Special Purchase: This month Citrus Lane gave subscribers the option to purchase a product from Episencial to be added to their box.  Most items were around $10 and subscribers had to be quick because these products were selling out fast.  I picked a probiotic moisturizing lotion for baby E (3 months).  We've been struggling with his cradle cap and dermatitis (another term for dry skin).  I'm really excited to try this product and I will report back after we see if there is any improvement. *Update: This cream has been awesome for Baby E!  In only a few applications once a day, he went from having extremely rough patches his on arms and legs to his skin finally beginning to smooth out!  Baby still has some red bumps on his arms and legs, but this cream made an enormous difference for him.  This is a must try for eczema!

Box Value (not including special purchase): $34.02
Paid:  $21 for 6 month subscription

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  1. Oh my goodness, I have to stop putzing around and check out Citrus Lane. I see them all over but haven't experienced one on my own. What a fun box to receive.