Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Newborn Handprint Keepsakes from Memories in Clay

Our family recently volunteered to test out a new product from Memories in Clay.  Designer, Jessica, creates unique, personalized ceramic works of art to preserve hand, foot (or even paw) prints from the special little ones in your life.  About a month ago, I talked about our experience making the mold for these ceramic creations.

After our mold was returned to Jessica, she began doing some serious work to create our personalized pieces.  In her process, she first transfers the print into ceramic clay and adds text.  The ceramic clay takes about a week to dry and then it's fired in a kiln.  Glaze is added to bring color to the product and then it is fired a second time.  The product is finalized with decorative ribbon, packaged, and mailed.  

The two products we received from our handprint mold were the Newborn Handprint Plaque and the 3D Handprint Ornament.  The great part of making the handprint mold is that multiple products can be created from a single mold. Jessica also saves molds for up to one year, so you can come back and order more products.

Newborn Handprint Keepsakes from Memories in Clay
Products are professionally wrapped

Tiny little handprint!  It's amazing to see how much our little guy has grown since we made our handprint mold.

I love the detail in this 3D relief.  This tiny handprint is perfect for a shadow box or photo display.
A side view so you can appreciate how thick and durable this 3D handprint is.
Newborn personalized ceramic keepsake plaque.  The matching ribbon makes it easy to securely hang this for display.
Close up to appreciate detail of the print.

I love how our products turned out!  It was amazing to be able to see every wrinkle of our little guy's hand forever preserved in the ceramic.  The Newborn Keepsake Plaque is such a beautiful display piece for a nursery or family photo wall.  Both products would make wonderful baby shower gifts!

I was provided the above products for the purpose of product testing and review.  My opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks so much for reviewing the product! I love how the pictures turned out!