Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rock-a-Bums Review

Rock-a-Bums is the first 5-in-1 style diaper I've had experience with.  The diaper is customizable and can be used as a 1) diaper cover, 2) All-in-two, 3) All-in-One, 4) Pocket Diaper, or 5) Disposable hybrid diaper (they even suggest using it over disposable diapers to contain blow-outs).  This diaper comes with two microfiber inserts, both of which are lined with bamboo charcoal on one side.  That means if you use the diaper as an All-in-Two, you are essentially getting two diaper changes for an affordable price of $16.95.

On our first day using Rock-a-Bums, we tried it as an All-in-Two during nap-time.  We had a leak, and I was so sad because I was thrilled with the cover and fit of the diaper.  Later, I realized that some people suggest washing bamboo charcoal 3-4 times before use.  I had simply assumed that the soft, gray layer was another style of fleece (no prepping needed).  Be sure to wash this diaper several times before use so you don't make the same mistake!  I love that the bamboo charcoal is gray because it minimizes any staining. I didn't notice any staining on the inserts despite some very green breastfed poops coming out of our child during the last two weeks. Additional inserts are also available in a 5 pack for $24.95.

As a Pocket Diaper with extra insert
As an All-in-Two with extra insert
I wasn't sure how well I would like a black colored diaper, but actually I've really loved it.  I like that all the Rock-a-Bums colors are bold and fun: red, black, and white with contrasting snaps.  When the diaper is sized to the largest setting it shows off the contrasting snaps well.  Functionally this diaper worked very well for us.  Baby E has ridiculously sensitive skin and if the diaper lining isn't incredibly soft he will get a rash from chaffing.  The Rock-a-Bums lining is very soft, so there isn't any worry about the fabric irritating baby's bottom.  

The versatility of the Rock-a-Bums was also nice: the All-in-Two feature was a life saver during one of our outings to church.  We left the house with baby wearing his Rock-a-bums as an All-in-Two.  I had grabbed the second charcoal insert and another pocket diaper for the diaper bag (he rarely needs to be changed during the 1hr service).  This particular day he had two poops!  A little poop got onto the Rock-a-bums cover so I set it aside and grabbed the pocket diaper, but after the second poop I was totally out of diapers: or so I thought. I grabbed a baby wipe and easily wiped the Rock-a-bums cover clean, snapped on the second insert I had brought, and the crisis was averted.

We really enjoyed using the Rock-a-Bums diaper, and I'm very tempted to add some more charcoal bamboo inserts to our collection so we can get even more use out of this cover.  I really wish I had known about Rock-a-Bums when starting my stash!

Best Uses:
  • Infants to Toddlers (inserts may be a little bulky on newborns)
  • Love the Pocket and All-in-Two style 
  • Gifts (versatility in style, and a good value)

What I liked:
  • Three snaps prevent wing drop
  • Good fit in the rise
  • Not bulky between the legs
  • All-in-Two feature is awesome
  • Functioned well and contained big messes

Room for improvement
  • Limited selection of colors, maybe more coming? Prints?

Rock-a-Bums provided this diaper for the purpose of my review.  I received no monetary compensation and my review expresses my honest opinion of this product.


  1. This diaper looks great! I really love the black with contrasting snaps! Thanks for this thorough review. You have really great photos!

    1. Thanks Ruth! Photography is one of my many hobbies :). My neighbors must think I'm a crazy person (diaper photo shoots on my front porch), but I just love it!

  2. This is the first review I've read for a 5-in-1 diaper....what won't they come up with next! I'm impressed with how versatile this system is, and I agree the bamboo charcoal fabric is great for resisting stains. Nice review, Nissa!!

    1. I agree! There are some seriously creative diaper makers out there :).