Monday, July 22, 2013

Is it OK to Let Your Child Go Diaper-Free?

After going from the comfort of the womb, babies emerge and are immediately stuffed into a diaper.  Some people are very opposed to letting their children run around in just a diaper, let alone diaper-free.  However, a little diaper-free time is OK for baby and may be a good thing.


If your baby is experiencing diaper rash, the quickest way to heal the rash is to air it out, or let your child go diaper-free.  Newborn babies are especially susceptible to rashes and diaper-free time is grossly under-advocated as a prevention. Smaller babies can be placed on an absorbent towel to catch leaks and older babies can be restricted to a carpet-free area of the house. You'll be surprised how quickly the rash seems to fade and how easy it is to prevent rashes.

Potty training

If insufficient motor skills needed to pull pants up-and-down are delaying your child's ability to potty train, then going diaper-free at home can be an easy way for your child to successfully use the potty on their own.  There is a correlation between higher potty training rates during summer months, possibly because parents are giving their children more opportunities to be outside where potty accidents are easily forgiven.
During potty training, you can also try using underwear, removing absorbent inserts from diaper shells, or substituting a swim diaper with no absorbency (like this one from Imse Vimse). 
Changing diapers more frequently, or practicing elimination communication are other great ways to prevent diaper rashes. There is certainly a time and a place for practicing diaper-free time.  Be considerate of your neighbors (who may not be keen on seeing a naked 3-year-old running laps around the yard).  If your child is older, diaper-free time could, instead, be an opportunity to practice with underwear.

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