Monday, August 26, 2013

Hazelwood Necklace Review

Our 5-month-old has been struggling with moderate to severe eczema for about three months. We have been trying a host of natural and not-so-natural treatments for him.  I read about how hazelwood was an ancient remedy used by aboriginal people to reduce ailments such as teething pain, acid reflux, eczema, heartburn, constipation and acne.  Hazelaid states that approximately 70% of eczema sufferers find significant relief from wearing a hazelwood necklace.   They also suggest to wet your hazelwood necklace daily and that it takes about two weeks to start seeing improvement. 

The hazelwood necklaces from Hazelaid are made from branch cuttings off of the hazelwood tree.  Hazelwood grows without the need for chemicals or pesticides, and hazelnuts are kept away from branch cuttings during harvest to protect those with nut allergies.  The necklaces are handmade and Hazelaid has a good selection of colors and beads so you can customize your necklace.

Hazelwood sounded pretty interesting to me so I chose a blue and hematite hazelwood necklace to review. I was surprised to see how tiny it was!  I selected the child-sized 11" necklace and it fit our 5-month-old almost perfectly.  It was a little too short to wear as an anklet which was unfortunate because we had planned to have him wear it around his ankle during daycare.  I tried attaching a piece of string to lengthen it for use as an anklet, but it didn't stay on very well and we ended up just having him wear the necklace overnight and on weekends.

Before image.  This is how I would usually describe our baby's skin on, "A good day." No weeping was evident on the face, his coloration looks pretty good, but his skin is very dry.  Dry skin is prone to cracking and weeping.
This is 14 days after we started using the necklace.  The 14 days were filled with many ups and downs and we had some major flair-ups during the first week.  Baby's skin texture is improving and although there is some redness it's not the dangerous "beet" red that is prone to weeping.

The above photos have not been retouched and were taken in the same location.  I did brighten the "before" picture so that the brightness levels would be comparable between the two images.  I am very excited to see the improvement in my son's skin.  We did have some major eczema flairs during the course of the last two weeks.  We used steroid creams during flair-ups and have continued the allergy elimination diet while breastfeeding.  I was also extremely ill during much of the two weeks we tested the necklace and ended up on some very potent antibiotics. Baby did get a runny nose and cough for part of the second week.  Some people note that illness improves eczema symptoms and others have the opposite effect.  It's really impossible to say if the improvement is due to the hazelwood, diet, or illness.  I am just incredibly excited to see that my little guy is finally showing some improvement!

Hazelaid carries a variety of products such as hazelwood necklaces, baltic amber, soap nuts, and much more.  You should also visit their baltic amber informational page for a fascinating read about how they test the authenticity of their amber and about some of the myths surrounding baltic amber.

You can take 10% off any purchase from with the coupon code GURU10.

Disclosure: Hazelaid provided the above necklace for me to review.  I was under no obligation to post a review or provide a positive review.


  1. I've heard of baltic amber and used it when the baby was teething. I've never heard of hazelwood. And I actually bought the amber necklace from Hazelaid. I guess I should have looked at the entire website.

  2. Fantastic! My daughter is quite prone to rashes, so this might be worth getting for her. An amber on one ankle and hazelwood on the other.

  3. My LO wears unpolished amber. I bought it when she was 5 months and she's almost a year ! (Need to get an extender for it.) She has done great with her teething and she doesn't even notice she's wearing anything. Not to mention everyone thinks I'm 'so put together' to put necklaces on her! haha (Only people who see us everyday know that it's just something else she always wears, just like a cloth diaper and onesie.)From the amber research, I saw some about Hazelwood, but your before and after were most helpful!

  4. I have been thinking about trying amber for my little guy, he seems like he might be getting another tooth. Maybe hazelwood would be a good idea too!

  5. I bought my daughter an amber teething necklace from another company, but I'm not comfortable with her wearing it all the time. So I started looking for anklets and came across Hazelaid, I would love to get an anklet and possibly something with hazelwood too.

  6. Thanks for reviewing! Saw this on pinterest. I should really buy this for my 16 month old, he has mild eczema.

    How long does the coupon code last?

    1. There is no expiration date indicated on the coupon code :)

  7. That is pretty amazing and impressive. It's interesting how powerful these stones can be.

  8. I've used Amber but never Hazel. Would love to try it!

  9. oh this is amaizing i kept seeing them all over but couldnt figure out what they actually where for my daughter is now 3 and has the worst eczema we cant cope or get rid of it no matter how much medicine prescribed or otc oral non oral etc u name it weve tried it and it has not worked i will now be trying one of these for sure now thank you soo much i really hope this helps her out some poor thing itches all over during an outbreak and all i can do is coat her in cortizone cream :,(

  10. I too have heard of using Amber (for teething) but had not heard of the benefits of hazelwood. I may use this for myself, since I have many sensitivities that are difficult to avoid 100% and rashes and such are the result. Thank you for sharing!

  11. we use the amber teething necklaces and i got a hazelwood necklace for my little girl to help with her reflux. Her reflux is bad enough she has to be on meds so i am not sure it the necklace helps or not but maybe we can get her off the meds sooner with it :) Worth a try!

  12. I use amber necklace for my son for teething but I have never heard of the Hazelwood benefits. I will definetly have to check it out!