Monday, August 19, 2013

Removing Fuzz from Fleece Cloth Diapers

Earlier this week I was doing some laundry and washed a brand new coral-colored sweater.  I had planned to dry the sweater flat, so I moved everything besides the sweater into the dryer (mistake 1).  In the 30 seconds it took to add dryer balls and start up the dryer, I managed to forget about the sweater that was still in the washing machine. Later, I decided to do some diaper laundry and dumped several full bags of diapers into the washing machine without checking to see that it was empty (mistake 2). After the diapers were washed, I started pulling them out of the machine and noticed... what?  Coral-colored fuzz all over the fleece of the pocket diapers.  I had created a bad case of the fuzzies.

Some types of fleece are especially prone to collecting fuzz.  Microfleece or thin fleece used in cloth liners are unlikely to collect fuzz, but plush fleece (as shown on this pocket diaper) is likely to attract lint.

These fuzz-balls weren't coming off.  Functionally the fuzz probably wasn't a huge problem, but I couldn't stand sending these diapers to daycare looking so ridiculous.  Once the diapers were dry, I pulled out my fabric shaver.  Fabric shavers are perfect for removing fuzz from sweaters and keeping them looking like new.  I used the shaver to buzz around the fleece and remove the majority of the fuzz.

I can't be the only person who has made the sweater + diapers laundering mistake.  Last night as we sat watching TV "shaving" the pocket diapers, I told my husband "This blog is writing itself".  He replied that perhaps I should change the blog name to "I'm inept at cloth diapering and I still survived."  We survived a case of the fuzzies. Just another crisis averted and I'm going to count that as a win for this busy mama.


  1. Love your husband's comment! Of course, no one wants to read a boring blog by a perfect mama, right? Good for you for tackling the fuzz. Frankly, I probably would have left it. :)

  2. I love my fabric shaver. I've used it to clean up velcro and covers that have been attacked by velcro as well. It works great

  3. I have never had a fuzz problem with my diapers. I probably would not worry though. I don't even worry about the stains. :)

  4. We started getting fuzzies just recently when we started using another washer..