Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars #Review

About two months ago, I wrote about our food elimination journey for baby’s eczema and the discovery of Enjoy Life Foods.  We made a lot of progress towards uncovering the food culprits fueling baby’s eczema: baby had a positive allergy blood test to dairy (cow’s milk) and peanuts.  Baby is beginning to try some solid foods, but I’m still nursing and what I eat passes to him: we both need to have a dairy- and peanut-free diet. Our allergist specifically recommended Enjoy Life Foods because their products are free from the top 8 common allergens.  
Enjoy Life Foods snack bars are a daily routine for me, and I grab one on my way out the door every morning.  Enjoy Life Foods has a great variety of chewy bars and decadent bars to choose from. I’m still completely amazed by these bars.  I was gluten-, egg-, and dairy-free for about two months, and during that time I made countless failed recipes that either crumbled to pieces or were an oily mess.  The fact that these Enjoy Life Foods bars have a good consistency, taste great, and are allergen-free is completely amazing to me- honestly, how do they do it?

I was very excited when Enjoy Life Foods contacted me about their improved Chewy bars.   I fell in love with Enjoy Life Foods because of their Cocoa Loco and SunButter® Crunch chewy bars, and I was pleased to find that the improved bars are packed with even more flavor.  The SunButter® Crunch really has a peanut flavor: but contains no peanuts!  Cocoa Loco has even more chocolate flavor and contains mini chocolate chips than before.  I really enjoyed the Caramel Apple chewy bars. I love that the Caramel Apple bar has a sweet, cinnamon flavor with real chunks of apples – it is delicious.  The Mixed Berry chewy bars have real fruit pieces with a smooth and soft texture.  Even though I love chocolate, I surprisingly found Caramel Apple and Mixed Berry to be my favorite chewy bars.

Another exciting thing about these snack bars is that the SunButter® Crunch, Caramel Apple, and Mixed Berry are now made with quinoa.  Quinoa is an awesome grain that is gaining a lot of attention because it is a “complete protein” that contains all the protein building blocks needed by the body. 

The only improvement I would suggest to these bars would be to add even more Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips to the Coco Loco bars.  I eat these allergy-free chocolate chips all the time, and I may be addicted to them! Perhaps I should just buy some of the Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Bars!

The four improved Chewy Bar options are delicious, and these bars are a great way to add some much needed variety and convenience to my allergen-free diet.

You can take 10% off your online order of Chewy bars with the code CHEWY10.  Shop your local Whole Foods to find more Enjoy Life products.

Enjoy Life Foods provided samples of the Chewy Bars for the purposes of this review.  I was in no way required to provide a positive review.  This review expresses my honest opinions about these products.


  1. The chocolate bars look so delicious and very chocolatey! I like that the bars include ancient grains, which are super healthy.

  2. We love Enjoy Life Foods! They really are true to their product and their concern for safety! Plus they just taste good!

  3. I had never heard of these before! Thanks for all of the info on them. It's crazy how many people have food allergies now. It was something I never heard of as a kid. None of my friends had food allergies and we at all sorts of things. But now, I hear of so many kids with sever food allergies all the time now. Just last week I took my sons to get an ice cream at a fast food place and heard a dad order a kid's burger meal with just the burger patty. No bun, no cheese, no sauce. Just the patty because of food allergies. Good to know these are an option for so many!

  4. Wow, those look really delicious! I am gluten intolerant, so I would love to try these, they would be the perfect snack to just keep in your purse!

  5. omg the brownies look amazing and i love that thier healthy snacks YUM

  6. I know somewhat what your going through with baby having issues eating certain foods. For over a year my lo has been having constipation problems and we (and the doctor) couldn't figure out why. Turns out cow's milk was a big cuplrit. Seems like a lot of younger kids have issues with dairy.

  7. We don't have any allergies, but these look like they would be good anyway. I love quinoa, and am trying to add more of it to our diets.

  8. I love Enjoy Life products. I have Celiac Disease and my mom is gluten intolerant and has a soy allergy. The great thing about Enjoy Life is that they do not contain soy.