Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting a Cloth Diaper Do-Over

There are a lot of things I wish I could do-over in my life. But cloth diapering?  That is something I would definitely choose to do again.  Padded Tush Stats recently polled cloth diapering parents to see what they would do differently if they could have a do-over: if they could completely start fresh and redesign their entire cloth diaper stash.  I pondered this question for quite a while and happily found that I am actually fairly satisfied with the  cloth diapering decisions we've made.  However, after 3+ years of being in the cloth diapering community, I have picked my top 3 things I would do over:

If I could cloth diaper all over again

I Wouldn't Shun Velcro:

For years I avoided hook-and-loop closures because of all the bad things I'd heard about them:  "They won't hold up as long. They'll ruin other things in your wash. Snaps are just better."  However, there are situations where Velcro is perfect.  I don't know how many times I've explained about the correct way to snap a diaper (if the diaper has 3 snaps, you need to snap all three).  I even resorted to drawing a diagram for one particular daycare teacher.  This past year, I happened upon the SoftBums Omni (aff link) and a style of Velcro that really agreed with me.  I love sending this particular diaper to daycare because I know there won't be issues with putting the diaper on.  Velcro does have a tendency to get stuck to other things in the wash, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Hook-and-Loop (Velcro) has some down-sides, but it's practically fool-proof for daycare teachers, babysitters, and Dads

I Wouldn't be Too Brand Loyal:

We fell into a little brand loyalty when selecting cloth diapers.  We started out with one particular brand of pocket diaper and soon that brand was dominating our cloth diaper stash.  It was a great brand, but there are many good brands out there.  If I could go back, I would be more open to trying different styles and different brands of diapers before I selected a favorite.
Variety is a good thing: Try a few different brands before settling in on a favorite
I would pass on the training pants
We purchased a set of 9 cloth trainers and only used them for about a month.  This purchase set us back $160 and the training pants were totally unnecessary for our daughter's potty training success.  We'll use these trainers again for our second child; but, like our first child, he may end up immediately transitioning to wearing underwear.  I would certainly purchase fewer cloth trainers (or buy used cloth trainers) if I could go back.

Training pants: nice idea, maybe unnecessary


  1. I would not buy any pocket diapers. I would buy all covers and Best Bottom inserts. I would buy some more girlie prints for my daughter.

  2. Couldn't agree more on the trainers! We didn't need/use the ones I purchased either - for both my daughters!

  3. I couldn't agree more on not being too brand loyal! I didn't experiment for quite a while... which is probably why I became such an addict. I was making up for lost time. ;-)

  4. I'm glad you said you would add in velcro. Our first is due in Dec and we have been shying away from it because of the same reasons you mentioned. I'm thinking I should definitely have a few for babysitters and helpers who may get confused by snaps.
    We definitely have a good variety of diapers going so far though. I'm attracted more to whats pretty rather than feeling any brand loyalty right now :) I'm sure that will change once we are in practice though!