Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cotton Booty Cloth Diaper Subscription Box- September 2013

Last week, to my excitement, I opened my mail box to find a Cotton Booty package. Cotton Booty is a cloth diaper program where subscribers get a monthly package full of natural products and, of course, cloth diaper goodness. The cloth diapers included in the box are all premium brands and the value of the box is always higher than the price subscribers pay. Since Milk and Honey Kids, the creator of Cotton Booty, sells everything from kids clothing to toys, you often get a variety of products in your box.  Cotton Booty is a wonderful way to try different brands and styles of cloth diapers, and each box includes an insert describing all of the contents. I reviewed another Cotton Booty box in July, and it was a wonderful summer theme.

September 2013 Cotton Booty Box: "Goodnight Sleep Tight" 

Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter One-Size Cloth Diaper ($12.95)

Whether you're a disposable diaper user or a cloth diaper user, night-time diapering can often be, well, a nightmare.  I'm always on the look-out for new nighttime solutions for our little guy.  My sister-in-law uses Kawai diapers and loves them, but I am a Kawaii newcomer.  I like that Kawaii diapers have waterproof banding across the front to prevent leaks for tummy sleepers.  This Goodnight Heavy Wetter is really designed for nighttime diapering: two large inserts are able to hold a lot of moisture, and the fleece-lined pocket diaper keeps moisture away from baby's skin.  Kawaii means "cute" or "lovely" and that is exactly how I would describe this diaper print.

We use our swaddling blankets every day- and believe me, you can never have enough of these!  I previously wrote about my favorite uses for swaddling cloths, and the Cotton Booty box lists even more uses for these cloths.  Although our son is 7-months-old, I rarely leave the house without a swaddling cloth.  They are so versatile and stylish!  I love the owl print of this Angel Dear swaddle, and the high-quality muslin is beautiful and functional.  Muslin keeps baby warmer in cold weather, and cooler in hot weather- it's an ancient and wonderful fabric.

Wash with Water, Star is Born Massage Cream (Sample size, retails $22 for 4oz)
I was nervous about trying this lotion because our baby has eczema and his skin is so sensitive.  However, I'm so glad I gave this a try on his skin!  We usually use a combination of natural and mainstream lotions on baby's skin.  The issue with most natural lotions is that they either contain dairy (which baby is allergic to), or they are very strongly scented (also irritating).  Mainstream lotions usually contain petroleum and harsh oils that end up drawing moisture out of skin.  The Star is Born Massage cream is scented (the reason for my initial concern), but it is so lightly scented that it is perfect for sensitive skin.  It's also vegan, and free from all potential food allergens (yay!). We used this cream immediately after baby's bath and it was so effective that I didn't need to apply any prescription steroid cream.  Once I put this lotion on, baby only tried to itch his skin once- usually it takes both parents to prevent him from scratching and get him into PJs.  I had enough lotion in this sample to moisturize baby's entire body and scalp for two nights.  I'm really interested in trying some other products from Wash with Water, and I wish they provided a coupon code for us Cotton Booty subscribers (hint, hint!).
This was another fabulous box from Cotton Booty by Milk and Honey Kids This box would make a perfect gift for a baby shower- and I'm blown away by the value.  In this box, you receive roughly $30 worth of products for $24.99 (with free shipping).  If you purchase multiple months at a time, you can get these boxes for only $19.95 per month - great deal! 

Milk and Honey Kids provided this Cotton Booty box for me to review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own and reflect my honest sentiments about these products and this program.


  1. What a neat idea! This would encourage me to try new brands as well.

  2. I looooooove my monthly fluff mail from Milk and Honey!!

  3. I love the print on the diaper! I, however, am not a fan of monthly boxes. I like to pick out what I want. I hate surprises too. But to each her own!

  4. I loved this box! We were also a newbie to the Kawaii diaper. They look big and wide but when you put them on baby they fit perfect. We really love ours.

  5. I really do love the monthly scrip box concept. :) Last month's Booty Box was really awesome with BGs. This month's box would have left me unhappy since I'm not a huge fan of Kawaii.

  6. That is a super cute diaper! I love this idea and if I have another baby I will definitely be trying it out

  7. Love reading reviews on their boxes. This is one of the subscriptions I'm considering for our kiddo. Please let us know how you like the Kawaii Diaper. I have one in my stash but won't get to give it a trial run until February!

  8. Cotton Cloth Diapers are the basic need for all small kids during winter season, One size cloth diapers are also effective baby diapering technique.... thanks a lot