Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why do I Babywear? International Babywearing Week, 2013

I babywear so I can go off the path, get away, loose myself in my thoughts...

and ensure that my child has the best vantage point
I babywear so that I can appreciate the small details, tread lightly, and take my time

while my sleeping baby is close enough to kiss.

But usually...

I babywear so I can go to the grocery store, have two hands available when I need them, and maneuver through busy crowds


while keeping my baby safe, secure, and comfortable.

Happy International Babywearing week
Oct 7th-13th, 2013

Carriers featured: Boba 3G (Gray) and Air (White) [Affiliate link]


  1. I loved wearing my daughter when she was smaller. She is almost too big for me now. She weights 25 pounds and I am just 110. But those babywearing days were definitely special!

  2. I babywear so that I can build a bond with my child, multitask, and be more free to travel and share in those adventures with my child! Babywearing is so great! :D

    Thanks for sharing why you baby wear!