Friday, December 20, 2013

Rock-a-Bums 2.0 Cloth Diaper #Review

I was excited to see the improvements and changes in the Rock-a-Bums 2.0. Rock-a-Bums sent me a red, aplix closure 2.0 cloth diaper to review and I was happy to see that many of the features I liked about the 1.0 are still in the new version. Like the 1.0, this diaper is also a 5-in-1 cloth diaper. You can be use it as a diaper cover, All-in-two, All-in-One, Pocket Diaper, or disposable hybrid diaper (they even suggest using it over disposable diapers to contain blow-outs). The diaper comes with two bamboo charcoal inserts that, when used as an All-in-Two diaper, give you two diaper changes.
Rock-a-Bums 2.0 diaper features
  • Black micro-fleece pocket lining 
  • Thick elastic across the back of the diaper contains potential blow-outs 
  • Four rise settings 
  • Available in Snap or Aplix closure 
  • Strong Aplix stays on laundry tabs while washing and is hard for toddlers to undo

The Tester

  • 8-months-old 
  • Crawling, standing, extremely mobile 
  • Eating a significant amount of solid foods

The Rock-a-Bums 2.0 diaper certainly packs a lot of style and functionality.  The red contrasts well with the black aplix and snaps.  When I mentioned the black fleece lined interior to another blogger, she was instantly interested, "I've never seen a diaper with black fleece lining," she said. The Rock-a-Bums definitely has a unique look that you won't find in many cloth diapers.  In addition to the unexpected style, this diaper also works well.

We tested the functionality of this diaper for about two weeks and found that there were some really useful features in the 2.0 cloth diaper.  I used this diaper most frequently as an All-in-Two. I like the All-in-Two feature because, since Rock-a-Bums provides two large inserts, you get two diaper changes out of the single diaper cover.  What I really loved about the 2.0 cloth diaper, was that you can customize where you snap your insert.  You can snap it in either the front or the back.  Since I'm diapering a little boy, I snapped my insert in at the front of the diaper. Sometime All-in-Two diapers have a tendency to bunch up in the front and leak after they become slightly wet.  By snapping the insert in the front, the insert stayed in place better and I had no bunching inserts. The Rock-a-Bums diaper also has two pocket openings (one in the front and one in the back) which means you can also snap the diaper on the front and stuff it into the pocket opening to use as an All-in-One or pocket diaper.  There were so many ways to customize this diaper and all of the changes in the 2.0 diaper were really helpful modifications.

I really liked the changes Rock-a-Bums made to the waist of the diaper. First, they added a waterproof panel across the front of the diaper.  I love waterproof panels because they contain leaks for stomach sleepers.  This panel was a little wider than I was used to, but a bigger panel might be really useful for older babies and toddlers.  I also liked that Rock-a-Bums added thick elastic across the back of the diaper.  This is a great way to contain leaks and it also looks stylish.

There were a couple of things that I thought could be improved or noted about the 2.0 cloth diaper. One thing that I didn't like about the 2.0 cloth diaper was the packaging it arrived in.  It was in a plastic snap package that seemed wasteful.  There was a slight plastic odor from the packaging and this lingered on the diaper until it was washed.  Rock-a-Bums should definitely ditch this packaging and offer a more eco-friendly alternative. Another thing to note about this diaper is that the black fleece lining does attract white lint.  This isn't a problem if you're using mainly microfiber inserts, but if you use a lot of diapers with natural fibers (cotton prefolds or cotton flats) you are going to notice lint on the black diaper shell after laundering everything together. Functionally, this isn't going to affect anything with your diaper, but it's something to be aware of.
Rock-a-Bums Front snap

Overall, I really liked the Rock-a-Bums 2.0 diaper.  I find that Rock-a-Bums is incredibly easy to customize, and this diaper will work for almost every family.  We use a lot of prefold cloth diapers and I like that I can use this as a diaper cover. Rock-a-Bums also sells additional charcoal bamboo inserts so you can use this as an exclusively All-in-Two system.  If you’re interested in learning more about Rock-a-Bums, be sure to visit their website.

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