Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boba 4G Baby Carrier #Review

Boba (aff link) recently released their new 4G baby carrier and I was fortunate to receive this product to review.  The 4G carrier is intended for children that weigh 7-45 lbs and it fits adults who are 5'0"-6'3" in height. Because this carrier works for such a wide weight range, this is really intended to be the only carrier you will need to purchase for your child.

I love that the 4G carrier is incredibly functional, simple to use, and comfortable.  When you receive your carrier, you will get an instructional booklet with descriptions of all the features of your carrier, tips for getting your baby into and out of the carrier, and safety considerations.  I always know that my baby is safe when we use our Boba carrier because it's so simple for me to use the product. This carrier is intended to be used for extended periods of time and it has thick, padded straps to make the carrier comfortable. The carrier can be used with your baby in a front carry or a back carry.  Once your baby reaches 20 pounds, you can start wearing him in a back carry.  I loved wearing my newborn in the front carry because he was close enough for me to address his needs.  The back carry is wonderful for taking your toddler through busy crowds or going on long hikes.  I frequently take my 10-month-old around the house in a back carry while I'm doing household chores.

Boba 4G Carrier in "Pine Organic"

One of the major differences between the Boba 4G carrier and the discontinued 3G carrier is the addition of an infant insert.  With the 3G carrier, you needed to fold-over the bottom of the carrier, snap it, and re-thread the straps so it would work for a small baby.  This system worked well, but it was bothersome to re-thread straps when your baby outgrew the newborn setting.  I found myself re-threading, realizing I had the buckles backwards, and having to go back to thread them the correct way.  Because of the 4G infant insert, you no longer need to do any folding or strap threading to make it suitable for a newborn.  The infant insert is easily removable, and that means you can share your baby carrier between an infant and a toddler without having to make any major adjustments (besides quickly loosening or tightening straps). 

Using the infant insert is very simple. If your baby is 7-10 pounds, snap the infant insert together.  This will raise baby up higher in the carrier.  If your baby is 10-15 pounds, leave the insert open and place baby's legs around the insert in an "M" configuration. If your baby is over 15 pounds, remove the insert and place baby into a seated position with his legs outside of the carrier. Older toddlers can use the attachable foot stirrups to control their active legs.  The foot stirrups have sliding adjustments and size snaps so you can move them to a comfortable position for your child.

Boba also made changes to the sleeping hood of the 4G carrier.  The sleeping hood is now thinner and has longer snap straps to use in a cross-over configuration for newborns.  Boba suggests to use the sleeping hood when your baby falls asleep, but I rarely used it for my young baby.  The sleeping hood makes a nice sun shield, but I found that a swaddling cloth worked as well.  The attachment of the sleeping hood is also much simpler.  Three snaps clearly indicate how to attach and detach the hood into the storage pocket.  When attached, the hood lays flat and even. I rarely use the sleeping hood because I find the storage pocket very useful for storing other items like diapers, car keys, or pacifiers.

Boba carrier in "Dusk" and showing toddler foot stirrups in use
The Boba 4G comes with other useful features like storage compartments, diaper bag clips, and strap storage elastic.  If you are a smaller sized person, you can fold excessive straps and tuck them into the elastic.  I recommend taking the time to do this because it makes the carrier look nicer.  I like to use the storage compartments in my Boba carrier to store items for short trips.  You can easily fit a disposable diaper, keys, a phone, and a pacifier.  The top storage compartment is too small for a cloth diaper, so I typically bring a diaper bag for longer outings and use the diaper bag strap to help keep the bag from slipping off of my shoulder.

The 4G carrier is available in a lot of wonderful colors and fabrics that make babywearing even more fun.  I was excited to see that the carrier is still available in the "Dusk" color.  Dusk was one of the original Boba colors available and it's still a favorite of mine.  I received the Pine organic carrier and I really love the color and green swirl design.  The Pine carrier is a dark, chocolate brown and it almost looks black in certain lighting.  If you are interested in an organic baby carrier, the Boba Pine organic really makes a statement and the fabric is very soft. I know we are going to be doing a lot of babywearing in our Boba 4G (aff link) and I can't wait to share more of our adventures with the new carrier.  

Thank you for stopping by to read our review. I welcome your comments and questions.

Disclosure: I’m a Boba Ambassador. I participate in Boba events and online conversations, and receive thank you gifts for my participation, but all opinions and experiences expressed are
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  1. I have heard a lot of great things about the Boba. We use an Ergo for our first born, but are expecting #2 in March and are still wearing #1. I think I'll branch out and try Boba!

  2. Is it true that the dark color collects lint?

  3. I do think that the Pine color shows lint more than my 3G in Dusk does. I'm not sure if that is the difference of the organic fabric or not (the organic fabric is softer and maybe that means it is more linty). You can get an idea about how the organic fabric looks up close in the above image of the cell phone pocket. Boba also sells a storage pouch for the carriers and that is a great way to keep lint or dirt off of the carrier.

  4. Yes! I have the black color (slate - I think) and it does collect lint. It's my one disappointment. It's not very black, more of a dark grey but just looks like the black is faded. I was kinda shocked when I saw my frends black ergo. It's very clean, jet black looking! I'll get over it, but it bothers me.