Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do you need a dryer to Prep Natural-fiber #ClothDiapers?

Some styles of diapers need to be "prepped" before they become absorbent enough to use for cloth diapering. For the most part, natural fiber cloth diapers do need to be prepped before use. Natural fibers contain oils which repel liquid. It takes a few washes before the oils are released from the fibers, and the fabric becomes absorbent enough for use in diapering. If you're uncertain if your cloth diapers need to be prepped before use, you can look at the fabric list and instructions here.

One question people often have is, "When prepping, do I need to dry my diapers between washes?" The purpose of prepping diapers is to release natural oils, so drying between washes will not have any impact on removing the oil. I do advocate for drying diapers in a dryer when you have a style or brand of diaper that releases a lot of lint.  Some cotton diapers can be incredibly linty and it might take a few times in the dryer before the lint is reduced to a manageable level.  Not all brands of diapers are linty, however. You might find that one brand of prefold diaper generates a lot of lint, while another brand has almost no lint.

If you don't have access to a dryer and you're prepping your cotton diapers, you're going to be just fine.  If you have one of those especially linty brands of diapers, just use a lint trap on your washing machine or sink drain to prevent the drain from clogging. The amount of lint will decrease with time and it will not affect how the diapers function. Having access to a dryer is not necessary to prepare your diapers for their first use.

This unbleached cotton prefold from Cotton Babies was very linty, but I had almost no lint while prepping OsoCozy Prefolds.

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