Thursday, January 16, 2014

GroVia: my thoughts on biosoakers, covers, and All-in-Two inserts

I discovered and purchased my first GroVia diaper when I decided to try a disposable option for traveling.  At the time, I was just curious about trying a new diapering system.  We typically use cloth diapers for traveling, but we had some upcoming trips that made it difficult to exclusively use cloth.  I purchased a set of GroVia aplix covers and a package of 50 biosoakers to try.  The GroVia biosoakers are a disposable insert that goes within a diaper cover.  You can use them within any diaper cover, but I think they work best when used in combination with a trim-fitting diaper cover. 

Overall, I liked the biosoakers but I still prefer using cloth diapers when traveling.  The GroVia biosoakers contain only a small amount of SAP (super absorbent polymer) and they are a good option for those looking to avoid the chemicals found in most mainstream disposable diapers.  What I didn't like was that the biosoakers had a tendency to bunch up at the front of the diaper and result in leaks.  After trying a few different things with the biosoakers, I discovered that inserting the biosoaker as close to the front of the diaper as possible did reduce the bunching and leaks.  I didn't do any experimenting with the biosoakers for overnight use, but I worry that they may not be absorbent enough for an older baby. 

While the biosoakers were not my favorite diapering system, I really liked the GroVia diaper covers.  I purchased a few of the GroVia all-in-two snap in inserts, and found them to be really absorbent.  Unfortunately they were a little too rough for our second child with eczema, but I continue to use the GroVia covers in combination with cotton flat diapers.  I love how the GroVia covers and diapers are trim-fitting between the legs.  Since they are trimmer, they don't irritate my son's legs like other diapers do.  I like to pad-fold a flat diaper into a GroVia diaper cover.  This gives a very trim-fitting combination that is incredibly absorbent and almost impossible to leak out of.
We used GroVia diaper covers for the Flats and Handwashing challenge this past spring.  We continue to use the covers because they are trim-fitting and work well.

GroVia diaper covers come in snap or aplix closures, and are available in a variety of prints and solid colors.  I prefer the aplix because it's very strong and it's easy to undo.  With any aplix, you are going to get some wear to the diaper over time: pilling does develop on the area where you secure the  aplix.  If you're worried about aesthetics, you might want to opt for the snap closure. The snap closure is slightly different on the GroVia All-in-One diapers: they snap under the front of the diaper versus over it.  This gives the diaper a cute look, but it takes some getting used to.  Grovia diaper covers come in some very fashionable solid colors and prints.  You should check out GroVia's Pintrest board for a juicy display of their recent colors, and visit Diaper Junction (aff link) to make your GroVia purchase.

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