Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doctor O's #ClothDiaper Rash Cream #Giveaway

Doctor O's Balm is a petrolatum-free, lanolin-based rash cream.  It was created by a pediatrician and contains all-natural ingredients.

Zinc Oxide
Corn Starch
Soy Lecithin
Sesame seed oil

Over The Moon Diapers states that Doctor O's cream is OK to use with cloth diapers, but recommends using a liner to prevent rash cream from sticking to the diapers and causing repelling.  I liked that this rash cream was thick and stayed on baby's skin well: a single application stayed on for several hours.  It was also more difficult to squeeze out of the tube, so I was less likely to waste cream by squeezing out more than I needed. Doctor O's is advertised as being particularly good for overnight protection

Doctor O's cream also contains 30% of the active ingredient Zinc Oxide.  Zinc is used to heal and protect skin and it's also commonly used in natural sunscreens. Doctor O's contains twice the concentration of zinc compared to other leading diaper rash remedies, so you get potent rash-busting power. 

Currently, the only places to buy Doctor O's are directly through the Doctor O's website or through Over the Moon Diapers. You can purchase a 3.5oz tube for 8.99.  Since this is a thick diaper cream, a little goes a long way. 

Doctor O's and Over the Moon Diapers are offering a free tube of Doctor O's Balm to one lucky reader.  Open to US residents 18 years of age and older.

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  1. So jealous that I can't enter to win! I'd love to get my hands on a rash cream that's good for when my daughter gets an eczema flare up on her tush.

  2. I usually just like to give my little one baths frequently and let them air dry, or leave them open to the air as much as possible!

  3. It seems to depend on the cause of the rash. Ammonia build-up in our diapers last year was actually the culprit in one case, and we used disposables while stripping the entire stash. Usually, a natural calendula cream does the trick, and is cloth safe.

  4. Coconut oil and diaper free time!

  5. I would usually leave my daughter's bum open to air or just put a prefold on her without a cover.

  6. We rarely get diaper rashes, but eczema on the thighs just outside the diaper area is a real problem. I treat that with cortisone cream and cerimide cream. On the occasion we do get diaper rash I like earth mama angel baby and for really bad rashes Calmoseptine with a liner.

  7. We use cj's butter when baby girl gets a rash in cloth
    Jenn McClearn

  8. I make sure to clean my kids' butts at every diaper change, whether poop or just pee. I dry, then put a light ointment on each diaper change. Since I started doing this, they've only gotten three diaper rashes between the two of them, but I think that can be contributed more to me trying to find a good detergent. :-)