Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rock-a-Bums PRINTS! Just released #RockItUp and #Giveaway

I reviewed the new Rock-a-Bums 2.0 cloth diaper a few months ago, and you might remember that I longingly questioned if Rock-a-Bums might be releasing some prints to accompany their solid color selection.  I really loved the 5-in-1 feature of the Rock-a-Bums diaper and how I could use it in so many different ways.  But, what about prints!? I seem to be much more interested in prints lately (maybe it's because I have a lot of solid colored diapers from my first child).  I was especially looking forward to some fun prints that might be nice for a little boy.

Rock-a-Bums seems to really be listening to us because a few months ago they contacted me about a secret: shhh!!  They were working on some new, prints in the 2.0 cloth diaper.  Boy, was I excited about it.  First, I was completely expecting something wild, rockin', and fun.  I was also excited because my little one is so interested in music and I was anxiously awaiting a music-themed print diaper.  Finally, after much anticipation... I had a sneak peak at the new prints.

No matter your style of Rock, I think you will be equally excited about these new print options.  If you're a punk-rocker like me, you might be instantly drawn to the wild swirl print diaper or the blue guitar print.  These prints are so fun... and funky.  If you're into a more classic Rock, then you will definitely be digging the plaid prints.  What I love, is that there are so many options here for little boys and girls! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that all of these colors would be equally rockin' for either gender (pink is IN!). That seems to be a fun trend for Rock-a-Bums: featuring colors and styles that have personality and energy (think about their bold red, black, and white solid-color diapers).

The new prints are available in either the hook-and-loop or snap closure.  It would be really hard for me to decide between the two, especially since I've tried both and like them equally well.  The hook-and-loop is a major convenience for me and is a little easier to get on and off the baby.  I also really like the contrasting hook-and-loop colors on these diapers: they really stand out!  I don't think you can go wrong either way, but I'm definitely leaning towards a hook-and-loop closure because I think it adds additional interest to the diaper.

Blue Velvet

Punk Plaid Green

Punk Plaid Pink


My favorite: Blue Velvet in hook-and-loop

Tell me: What do you think about the new prints?  What is your favorite?

Visit Rock-a-Bums Blog to enter to win a "From Birth to Potty Learning" stash of 9 covers (prints or solids, your choice), 18 inserts, and 60 hybrid inserts. Wow!  Good luck!

Cloth Diaper Guru blog is participating in the #RockItUp Release of the new Rock-a-Bums prints.  We received no compensation for our participation in this event.