Monday, April 14, 2014

Call for guest authors on Cloth Diaper Guru

Cloth Diaper Guru blog is calling for guest authors who are interested in writing about cloth diapering and parenting.

Cloth Diaper Guru blog was started in 2012 by Nissa Mollema. Nissa was looking for opportunities to spread the word about the many benefits of cloth diapering and living a life that was gentle on the environment. The blog was intended to be very informational with a focus on the "How-to's" of cloth diapering, troubleshooting, and the basics of getting started.  This continues to be a main focus of the website. Since its inception, Cloth Diaper Guru grew to incorporate cloth diaper giveaways, cloth diaper and parenting product reviews, and some personal posts.

Diversity of content brought added traffic.  Cloth Diaper Guru is regularly trafficked by over 4,500 unique monthly visitors and 75% new readers.  It's content is streamed to Mobile Mom, where it's content is highlighted in the "Pregnancy" series. Cloth Diaper Guru has thousands of followers on Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and a small (but new) following on Instagram. Nissa's focus on reader education and informational blogging earned her recognition as a leader in the Cloth Diapering Community by being recruited to the Kelly Wels Ambassador team.

Aside from an interest in educating the public, Nissa began blogging to improve her writing and editing skills.  She holds a PhD in the life sciences and has a passion for scientific writing and clear communication.  As her writing continued to improve, Nissa was recruited for new opportunities as a freelance medical writer and editor.  This role is requiring a substantial amount of time and energy outside of her full-time job as a basic science researcher.

Nissa decided that Cloth Diaper Guru needs to continue to be a "community" resource. The best way to continue to bring up-to-date cloth diapering information is to call on community members to share their wealth of knowledge. Guest authors should submit proposed topic ideas to Articles should be around 500 words in length, have a focus on cloth diapering and parenting, and may include links to personal blogs and websites.  For privacy reasons, Cloth Diaper Guru does not post images of babies wearing cloth diapers (if you have other images you want to include, please watermark them with your name/website).  We reserve the right to select authors and topics of interest to our community.

Why write for Cloth Diaper Guru?
Writing for Cloth Diaper Guru is a wonderful way to get your website and ideas noticed. Most bloggers started small, learned from experience, and relied on help from experienced mentors. If you are a company looking to feature a product or service, we are reviewing and accepting sponsored posts for a small fee of $20.  This fee will be used to provide thank you compensation to guest bloggers who make a significant contribution to this website.  At this time we can not guarantee compensation for your guest contribution, but we can begin to discuss opportunities to work with companies for product reviews or co-hosted giveaways as we build a relationship with you.

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