Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Great Cloth Diaper Change is April 26th

April 26th 2014 is the fourth-annual Great Cloth Diaper Change and it's our third year participating.  This worldwide event intends to bring awareness about cloth diapering while setting a world record for the most cloth diapers simultaneously changed.  Attempting to break the current record of 8,301 babies simultaneously changed into a reusable diaper is certainly something to get excited about, but it's only a small fraction of the fun.  Great Cloth Diaper Change events are often filled with natural parenting vendors, free classes (think baby yoga or music lessons), free photography sessions, or even an opportunity to plant a flower or build a bird house.  The variety of vendors and festivities varies extensively from location to location. You are guaranteed to meet other parents who are interested in cloth diapering and bring awareness to this worthy cause of educating the public about cloth diapers.

In order to qualify for the record, there are a few regulations.  The diaper must be a commercially sold diaper.  Your child also must fit the height requirements to participate in the event (generally, children under 3-years-of-age are allowed).  All participating children must be accompanied by an adult (for obvious reasons).

Many Great Cloth Diaper Change participants put a lot of thought into the diaper they select to use in the event. We are using an Ella Bella Bum diaper that I recently purchased for some photography.  The diaper fits the requirements for the official diaper change (it's commercially sold).  After the official diaper change, we plan to take advantage of some of the free photography sessions to show off the diaper and the accomplishment of our little record-setter.  

If you plan to attend at the Edina location in Minnesota, let us know.  I'll be wearing my "I love Cloth Diapers" T-shirt from Kelly's Closet (affiliate link), sporting an "I love Cloth Diapers" pin, and carrying my baby in a Boba 4G (#Boba Ambassador): Look for me!

Are you participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Change?

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