Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scratch-Me-Not silk mitten #review #eczema

Babies have sharp little fingernails.  I remember being absolutely terrified of trimming my daughter’s nails when she was a baby.  They were so tiny and even the “baby” trimmers seemed enormous next to her small hands.  Nail trimming was a dreaded task, but it had to be done.  We did our best to keep her nails trimmed short because she always found ways to unintentionally scratch herself.  Although the scratches were usually superficial, it was terrible to see her get cuts on her face and sensitive eye area.  Even our daycare teachers commented that we needed something to protect her skin from scratches.  We tried baby mittens, but they never stayed on well. 
Scratch-Me-Not in Papaya Splash
We never found a great solution for our daughter and, although she outgrew the issue, our second child had a greater problem with scratching.  He suffers from eczema and, despite identifying food and environmental allergens, he still has unknown allergies that irritate his skin and make him itchy.  Covering his hands during naps and overnight significantly helps improve the quality of his skin: it keeps him from scratching and making his skin red and puffy.  Using baby mittens or putting socks over his hands simply will not work because the fabric is too course and he can easily remove them by using his teeth. Another mom to a baby with eczema told me about a neat product she uses for her son: Scratch-Me-Not silk, flip mittens.  She said it was a godsend for her little 8-month-old.  Scratch-Me-Not sent me a pair of flip mittens to review and try on our 11-month-old baby. 
Mittens go on like a shrug.  This makes them difficult to remove.

Scratch-Me-Not flip mittens protect baby’s skin from scratching and are difficult for your baby to remove.  You’ll notice that these mittens go on like a shrug. The fabric is stretchy and that makes it easy to put on the mittens.  Once on, baby has a very difficult time removing them.  What I love is that the flip feature allows you to keep the mittens open or shut: if you want to prevent baby from scratching then flip the mittens over to the silk side (hands are now covered).  The silk is so soft and it reduces the friction with the skin.  The mittens are also two layered.  Cotton fabric covers the hands and, when baby scratches, his hands move against the cotton which further reduces the movement of the silk against baby’s skin.  The cotton in the mittens is also thick, so even an older child with sharp nails would not be able to scratch herself.

We were really happy with the Scratch-Me-Not product and I felt that it was a great value.  When I was researching anti-scratch mittens, I looked at lots of different products and potential DIY projects.  The quality of the Scratch-Me-Not mittens surpassed anything else I found online or that I could feasibly do myself.  

I found the flip-mitten feature really useful.  While keeping baby’s hands covered reduces scratching, having access to hands is important for baby’s comfort and development.  You can easily give baby access to her little fingers while you are there to supervise.  If you need to step away for a moment, flip the mittens over and skin is protected.  This is such a convenience for times like riding in the car, pushing baby in the stroller, or fussy moments.  The mom who recommended Scratch-Me-Not mittens to me uses them on her son 24-7 and continually flips the mittens open-or-shut depending on the situation. My husband liked the colorful print on the Scratch-Me-Not mittens that clearly shows when the mittens are open versus shut: you would not mistakenly think you shut the mittens.
Mittens shut, hands covered, skin protected.

The prints and colors are useful for telling when the mittens are open-versus-shut, but most importantly the prints are fun!  When I met the mom and baby who introduced me to Scratch-Me-Not, I did not notice that her son was wearing a special mitten product. It looked like any cute outfit you would see on a baby.  This is something that is really important to me.  As a mom to a baby with eczema, I often feel very sad that my baby cannot wear certain types of clothing.  We usually keep his skin as covered as possible to prevent damage from scratching, so he spends most of his time in pajamas.  It is very easy to become disappointed by a trip to the clothing store.  With Scratch-Me-Not mittens, he can wear shorts, T-shirts, and cute outfits!  This is a huge change because it allows us to take him outside in warmer weather instead of being trapped in the air conditioning.  Of course the Scratch-Me-Not sleeves are another layer of clothing (you still need to use care and be aware of the temperature), but these opened up so many more possibilities for us.  Scratch-Me-Not mittens are also something cute I can buy for him to give him a little style and a splash of color.

Scratch-Me-Not runs coupon specials frequently, so keep checking their website.  Be sure to order the correct size and do not size-up to save money: baby will be able to get the mittens off or will not have his hands covered by the soft silk.  Scratch-Me-Not has great instructions for how to determine the correct size for your baby.  Sizes range from 3-months to size 6.  Our baby fit into the lower end of the 18-month size range and this is the same size he is wearing in clothing. I need at least two pairs to get by on laundry day, so be sure to order an extra!

What do you think about this innovative way to keep baby’s skin protected?

Scratch-Me-Not provide the above product for the purpose of our review.  We were not required to post a review or post a positive review. These opinions are our own.


  1. What a clever and useful product! I like that you can easily open or close them, esp. for older infants and toddlers who like to have their fingers free.

  2. Beautiful photos! This is a great idea, especially since many 'creams' out there (to 'help') with the issue often irritate even more.

  3. Scratch me nots are great although I found at night they're not quite enough. Another really great brand of eczema related clothing more for pyjamas is Hope this helps anyone out there looking for ideas! :-)

  4. Can you tell me how you clean these with the silk mittens?

    1. I've always washed on the gentle cycle in cool water. I haven't had any issues with the fabric.