Monday, May 12, 2014

Flats Stash: Cloth diapering for *almost* free

Last year when I did the flats challenge I wrote about using some old Gerber brand birdseye cotton diapers from Target.  We used these flat diapers as spit rags for our first child.  Can you believe that we are still using these "cheap" flats on a regular basis?  We now double-up and use two of these birdseye cotton flats inside an old pocket diaper shell.  Another thing that I can't believe is we are still using old receiving blankets as diapers on a regular basis! They are actually really absorbent and a great solution for naps.
Pad folded Flat in a diaper cover.

After we decided to use flats full time (this was in August of 2013), I decided to purchase some more flats from All Things Diapers in Minnesota.  The flats are nothing fancy and are made from a thicker birdseye cotton.  These are my favorite flats and my preferred choice for daycare.

To cover the flat diapers, we use old pocket diaper shells.  You can read more about how to do that here.  We had pocket diapers from our first child, but microfiber never worked well for our second child.  Using the pocket diapers as diaper covers was a way for us to avoid having to buy more diaper covers.  They are waterproof and cute!

This "Stash" of flats lasts us about 3-4 days before we have to do laundry;  however, that is with washing and drying in a machine.  This challenge will require me to handwash the diapers more frequently.

My Flats Stash

8 Old Gerber Flats: $10?
3 Receiving blankets: Free (gifts from baby shower-- $10 value)
12 Higher-quality birdseye cotton flats from All-Things-Diapers: $20
10 covers/shells: Purchased for our first child over 4 years ago.  They were originally a $100 value.

Overnight diaper:
Disposable diaper (We are diapering a baby with severe eczema. I plan to post more about our decision to use disposables overnight in an upcoming article)

Molly's Suds: 1-2 tsp per load per day?  I will need to fiddle with this.

Since we normally survive on this smaller sized cloth diaper stash, we should not have issues with running out of diapers (like we experienced last year in the challenge). I see handwashing as my major challenge in this event: I'm busy, so is handwashing really worth it?

Tell me about your stash?  How are you making this work?


  1. If you were using the flats at night, would you just use two flats instead of one?

    Also, I might've missed what you do with the receiving blankets. Do you cut them up into wipes or use them as liners?

    1. I double the flats when I use them overnight or I use a thicker type of flat. You can use the receiving blankets as they are and as diapers! Fold into a rectangle and use as a diaper :)