Friday, June 20, 2014

20 Cloth Diaper Hacks You Need to Know

Cloth Diapers are already incredibly awesome.  They save money, are good for the environment, and are good for baby. But, can they be even more incredible?  Check out these 20 cloth diaper hacks.  These are some must-know tips and tricks!

1. Are you are looking for a "Stay-dry" cloth diaper, but you don't want to spend big bucks on fleece pocket diapers?  Make your own DIY Fleece Liners.

2. Remove stains on cloth diapers before selling them.  You'll get more money for your used cloth diapers.

3. Use the whitening power of the sun to blast away yucky stains

4.  Keep your delaminated cloth diaper wet bags and use them around the house

5. Even a soiled and dried cloth diaper can be saved with Oxiclean!
6. Do you want to use wool cloth diapers, but you're too lazy to handwash?  Use the "Handwash" cycle on your washing machine. 

7. Save money by handwashing cloth diapers in your apartment: it's convenient and effective.


8. Add interest to your inexpensive flat and prefold cloth diapers by giving them some color.  
9. Use hot water to kill yeast and bacteria in cloth diapers. Hot water will not hurt your diapers.

10. Traveling with cloth diapers?  Take soap nuts instead of powder or liquid detergents. 
11. Clean Hook-and-Loop closures to extend the life of your cloth diapers.

12. Snap cloth diapers to the correct size setting before sending them to daycare.  This will remind daycare staff how to snap the diaper to get the correct fit.

13. Make no-sew cloth wipes instead of buying disposable ones.

14. Make your own baby wipe solution with ingredients you have around the house.

15. Keep your old prefold cloth diapers and use them for cleaning or first aid.

16. Do you have worn-out, microfiber pocket diaper inserts?  Ditch the microfiber and use pocket diaper shells as covers for flat or prefolds cloth diapers.

17. Watch for opportunities to get FREE cloth diapers through coupon codes or giveaways.
18. Save money by making easy, DIY cloth diaper wet bags 
19. Don't throw away damaged cloth diapers.  Repair them or donate them.

20. And finally, don't be afraid to get creative and create your own cloth diapering "Hacks." There is no wrong way to cloth diaper!


  1. Love that "Donate them" people dont reailze that We at The Rebecca Foundation replace elastic and snaps and velcro! We can even use delaminated diapers as swimmers for our clients!

  2. I think that I'm going to have to try the adding color to flats and prefolds! I love all that color...and all that it will hide :)

  3. Great tips! Thanks for including our "hand" washing apartment post.