Wednesday, June 25, 2014

“Rediscovering HOPE: A step-by-step guide to classic cloth diapers” #BookReview

I recently got the opportunity to review the book “Rediscovering HOPE: A step-by-step guide to classic cloth diapers,” by author Amy McKnight. McKnight is a strong advocate of promoting cloth diapers, particularly among families in need of an affordable diapering solution. I’m familiar with cloth diapers, as my 4-month old has been cloth diapered almost exclusively. I was pleasantly surprised to find new information and tips about using flats.

McKnight starts the ebook by explaining the need to distribute information about optional diapering systems. She discusses how low-income parents often struggle to purchase sufficient diapers to keep their babies clean and dry. She also details why cloth diapers should be considered as an alternative to disposables. According to McKnight, the important goals are to reduce costs and minimize health risks, all while reducing the environmental impact that disposable diapers cause. She also mentions that cloth diapers are effective, convenient, easy to use, and cute.

McKnight quickly moves on to explain that classic flat cloth diapers offer HOPE because they are Historically, One-sized, Proven, as well as Economical, eco-friendly and easier than you think. She reassures the reader that flats, flower sack towels in particular, have been used since the 1800s and that they can be folded to fit a baby of any size. She discusses that you only need eight items to begin diapering successfully using classic flat cloth diapers. She breaks down the system demonstrating to the reader how uncomplicated cloth diapering can be.

In this book, McKnight covers everything from purchasing to preparing, using, and laundering the diapers. She points out different ways of folding the diapers with step-by-step instructions that include pictures and are easy to follow. While she gives specific instructions on how to wash these classic diapers, readers must be aware that not one method will work for everyone. Most cloth users try different laundering routines before settling with one that works for them.

The book is a good source of information for anyone considering cloth diapers. Beginners can take advantage of the basic and easy to understand information that McKnight presents. Experienced cloth users can find useful and interesting diapering tips. If you need a quick reminder about a specific fold, McKnight offers access to video instructions among the resources in the book.

Overall, this ebook was a pretty easy read and serves as a reminder that sometimes we need to consider going back to basics. Rediscovering HOPE allowed me to step back and, once again, use the flat diapers that I had been taking for granted as I added newer styles of cloth diapers to my stash. I truly believe that cloth can be an affordable diapering system and this book is a good advocate for the cause.

McKnight is offering our readers the chance to download a free copy of the Kindle edition of her ebook on Amazon. This offer is good today only (Wed June 25, 2014), so act quickly.

McKnight is also doing a giveaway. The first prize is a HOPE Classic Diaper Laundry Kit that includes 3 diaper covers, 12 liners, 1 Snappi, 1 wet/dry bag, 1 classic flat cloth diaper, 1 Breathing Mobile Handwasher, 36 clothes Pins, 1 clothes line, and a print copy of Rediscovering HOPE. The second prize is a HOPE Classic Diaper Kits including 3 diaper covers, 12 liners, 1 Snappi, 1 wet/dry bag, 1 classic flat cloth diaper, and a print copy of Rediscovering HOPE. The third prize is a Mobile Handwashing Device. The giveaway closes June 30, 2014 and is not sponsored by Cloth Diaper Guru.

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Disclosure:  Agnes received a free copy of Rediscovering HOPE for the purpose of this book review.  These opinions are her own.

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